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7 injured in an Attack on a Shia Jama Masjid in Malir Town Karachi by Wahabi’s

JNN 15 Feb 2011 Karachi : On Monday , 14Feb , In Malir Town , Karachi a Procession of Eid e Milad un Nabi was taken out , in which members of the Banned Wahabi outfit also mingled as per plan and on reaching the Shia Jama Masjid , Malir , attacked the Masjid .

A rally which was taken out in connection to Eid e Milad un Nabi , But as per Plan Members of the Banned Wahabi  Terrorist Organisation, Mingled in the rally , which was taken out  in the Malir Town , and when it reached Shia Jama Masjid , B Area Near Ice Depot ( Baraf Khana ) Karachi , the already mingled members of the Banned outfit , under the disguise of Sunni ,, turned Violent as per their Plan , attacked the Jama Masjid and started stoning the mosque , where a Milad was in Procession in the Jama Masjid , the Participants of the rally also ransacked atleast 6 cars parked outside the Jama Masjid .

This stoning continued with chanting of Slogans of Sectarian Nature , and calling the Members of Shia Community Infidels , as this was Planned to create the sectarian violence in the calm and cool Area of the Malir Town , and after a little while the Wahabi participant of the Rally , who were also heavily armed started firing , while the participants of the Milad in the Jama Masjid , defended the Jama Masjid ,as they tried to enter the Masjid, as with the firing whole of the locality became a battle field, But in the mean time Heavy contigents of Police and Rangers reached the spot and took control of the situation , by firing in the air, and shelling Tear gas  to disperse the attacking  terrorist of the rally . As the result  of firing by the terrorists One Shia Momin , Muhammad Haider was critically injured .

As a result of  Tear gas shelling and firing by the Rangers and Police on the Terrorists , they ran away but some of them , about 6 got injured due to the firing by Rangers and Police teams , in this process some arrest of the attacking terrorists were also made by the rangers , the details of which were not given at that point .

The incident was also condemned by the MNA and MPA of the area , and at the same time Sunni and Shia residents of the area also condemned the incident , who said that there is no dispute between them and there is  complete harmony in people of the both the Sects , living like brothers for ages , and it was a conspiracy of the outsiders to sabotage the Inter sectarian Unity of the residents of the area , while  the Residents unanimously condemned the Attack , and declared it a conspiracy of the agents of the enemies of Islam who want to Disintegrate the Unity of the Muslims , for the Implementation of there nefarious designs of DisIntegrating Pakistan and Defaming Islam.

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