Holy Shrine of BiBi Sakina s.a Partly damaged by the attack of Wahabi Terrorist

HOly Shrine of Bibi Sakina Partly Damaged 16 Feb 2013JNN 15 Feb 2013 Damascus : The Holy shrine of Hazrat Sakina (AS) was partly damaged by the attack of Suadi funded Wahabi terrorists fighting against the Asad Government in Darraya , Syria.

The Group of terrorists stormed into the holy shrine of Hazrat Sakina (AS) to cover up them selves from the Syrian protection forces. They mounted bombs inside of the holy shrine with and fired several Mortar from outside as after they were on the run after being identified by the Government forces .

Nevertheless, Syrian security forces enclosed them and right after a long shootout, they crowded out the terrorists. Newest reviews stated that all the terrorists were wiped out in the encounter.

Pakistani Shia Leaders strongly condemned the Incident. A Rally was also taken out by the activist of TNFJ in Rawalpindi from Shah De Taliyan to Jang Building to condemn the brutal terror attack at the shrine of Hazrat Bibi Sakina (SA) in Syrian capital, Damascus.

The Shia leaders have said in their condemnation messages that it is a Zionist conspiracy to attack the Most Sacred Shrines and Holy Places , as this a Big Plan in which these Zionist forces in Partnership with Al Saud are trying to attack the Most Sacred Places of Muslims , the Baitullah and the Holy Shrine of Our Last Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, which is situated in the Masjid e Nabawi Premises.

As in the first step these Al Saud Have already Demolished the Holy Shrines of all the Family Members of the Holy Propeht in the “ Baqee Cemetery “ commonly known as “ Janaat ul Baqee “ .

As they are the Descendant of the Munafiqeen who have taken cover as Muslims , Just to Malign and Defame Islam ,and have infested into Islam to take the advantage and Benefits to acquire Power and Wealth for their Personal Gains and Benefits,  and as the history and the Present scenario have even Proved , as they are Maligning Islam , By creating and sponsoring the Groups Like Taliban , Al Qaida , and all their allied Groups whether they may be Jundullah, Boko Haram , Free Syrian Army, or any other Group , operating in any Part of the World under the Banner of Al Saud.

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