Saudi authorities subjected Ahmed Al-Rebh lengthy sessions of questioning for his political writing and frequent criticism to sectarian government policy.

According to the Shiite News, sources informed Rasid that Qatif Intelligence Administration called Mr. Al-Rebh on Sunday and Monday for questioning that was continued for long hours.

The call for Mr. Al-Rebh is on the background of his writing in which he criticized the sectarian governmental policies against Saudi Shia.

Sources also informed Rasid that the authorities have ordered Mr. Al-Rebh to stop writing.

Mr. Al-Rebh has bravely requested UN General Secretary to send an investigating group to witness and assess Saudi Shia conditions where several Shia public figures are under detention and many Shia mosques are closed.

In his last article, Mr. Al-Rebh called the Saudi Royal Family to form a parliament and Shora assembly similar to Kuwait and Bahrain.

It should be noted that many other Shia writers were called for questioning by the Saudi Intelligence Administration.


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