Parachinar : Another GAZA in Pakistan.

JNN 05.06.10 Today the  World is Mourning On the Martydom of Peaceful Activits of the Freedom Flotilla and looks helpless in lifting the three year Old Blockade of GAZA Strip , as the Residents are fighting the Oppression of the Terrorist state of Israel, And the same is the Policy of the Israeli backed Terrorist Groups  , May it be Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , Lashkar E Jhangvi , or the Punjabi Taliban , for the last three years the Kurrum Agency Head Quarter Parachinar is also under siege , and faces a Blockade , as this is the Only area in the Tribal Belt with the Shia Majority . The Residents following the path of Ahlul Bayte , the true path of Islam , have resisted the yazidi TALIBAAN , since there inception, so they are being punished for that for Propagating the real spirit of Islam , and not the Yazidi / Wahabi Islam , which is the creation of the Enemies of Islam as well as of Pakistan.

The leading Ulema and Scholars of The Shia Community , have reminded the Government of this seizure repeatedly and asked for removal of this  Blockade of ParaChinar by the Terrorist , and have demanded an Army Operation against these Militant Terrorists , which till now have not taken place , which has cut off Parachinar from the rest of the Country till to date.

The three-year Long blockade of Parachinar has deprived the territories’ half a million residents of food, fuel, medicines and other necessities. The Residents of Parachinar have fought bravely y from the Wahabi Saudi funded Terrorist, working to destabilize & Disintegrate Pakistan, our Beloved country . These Residents have a number of times even fought beside Pakistani forces in the hour of there need, but now there are left alone to fight there Battle for survival. But still they  are ready to fight side by side with Our countries Armed Forces to cleanse our Beloved Pakistan , from the rouge elements of  Taliban and there supporting Terrorist Organizations.

The World should also consider the Worsening conditions of not only the GAZA Strip But also of the Helpless and Innocent Resident of Parachinar, as the Zionist regime, is trying to destabilize not only the Middle East , but also the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Which is called the Fort of Islam.

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