African Shia Leader's speech on Az-Zahra (AS)'s Birthday + Pic

The Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria organizes Birthday Anniversary of the Leader of all Women of the Worlds Sayyidah Az-Zahra(AS). Hundreds of thousands of believers graced the occasion which took place at well decorated  Fudiyyah Islamic Center (F.I.C.) Zaria  on Thursday the 20th J/Thani 1431(3/6/10).

The Leader in his lengthy inspiring speech started by congratulating the Ummah on the Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of  Sayyidah Az-Zahra(salamun Lahi alaiha) and that of Imam Khomeini(QS) which coincided with hers’.

Sheikh Zakzaky said Sayyidah Fatimah (salamun Lahi alaiha) being the only  ‘son’  of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAWA) through which his progenies will come  from is a respect to him. Islam is the final Message to humanity upto the End of Time and for this fact Almighty God wanted to protect the  Message so He  exalted  her  Children to the Position of Imamate. A Position which Prophet Ibraheem prayed for and  was granted after passing through God’s test.

Imamate is an exalted position in the sight of God which surpassed that of messengership and Prophethood as evidently understood when Prophet Ibraheem (AS) , being Messenger and Prophet, prayed for it.Sheikh Zakzaky explained adding that Allah Almighty has confined the exalted status to the Children of the Prophet who came though his ‘son’ Fatimah and cannot be questioned   on that.

He explained further that Sayyidah Az-Zahra due to her purity and exalted status could not have had a matching husband other than  Imam Ali(AS). Had it been Ali was not created it would have meant Sayyidah (AS) could not have had a husband. This goes to show that Islam being the final message to humanity upto the Last Hour,  could have ended with the demise of the Prophet, had it been there was no Sayyidah Fatimah’s who is the mother of the holy Imams (AS). The prophet must have heirs since his Leadership, which will remain with his children who are his heirs through his blessed daughter,   is upto the Last Day.

Members of Ahlul Bayt(AS) are bestowed with outstanding knowledge by God which cannot be quantified. Even Shia scholars like Kulaini and the like who wrote volumes of books on all aspect of jurisprudence, proved to be unequal.

The special status of Sayyidah Az-Zahra(AS) cannot be questioned. Those who opposed her status are people who are contaminated with bad culture which affected their thinking about woman. A Culture which degraded a woman to nothing; a culture which considers a woman as an asset- a view very popular in the pre-Islamic Arab. These are people who  have doubted the status of Sayyidah Fatimah(AS). Sheikh noted.

The Prophet in many occasions mentioned the lofty status of Ahlul Bayt(AS) and with this,  those who opposed their special  status engaged in creating and assigning status also to their favourites after the Prophet.  For example a book was written by one of their Ulema to express the qualities of their leader Yazid bin Mu’awiyyah(LA).

The Necessity of Seeking knowledge.

The need to acquire knowledge is of utmost necessity in order to know and appreciate  status of Sayyidah Fatimah(AS). Her supplications, compiled in some books, reveal more about her deep wisdom and knowledge which can only be compared with that of Imam Ali(AS). Her Sermon of Fadak contains a lot as reported by Sayyidah Zainab(AS).

The ways for acquiring knowledge have been simplified in this age of Information Technology especially with the Internet. Therefore one can access information and knowledge that were not easily accessible before.

Her Ascetic life….

Her ascetic life is something  to reckon with. She had a farm-Fadak,  which used to generate about 200,000 dinars annually, but out of generosity Sayyidah used to give out everything as charity to the needy and poor. Ascetism does not mean one should not posses  wealth, rather not to be attached to  it. Sheikh Zakzaky noted

In addition to this, Sayyidah used to receive revelation from God too. Since Some servants of Allah among the Israelis received revelation why then not the Ummah of the Prophet especially the chosen ones among them!?

International Women Day

Today is the International Women day for the Muslims. It is the day which Muslim Women should remember Sayyidah Fatimah (AS)’s  life with view of emulating her.

Alas, the society we live today inherited some bad cultures from the past which still exist and some were as a result of our coexistence as Nigerians. Therefore, those who want bring about a change shall be different, our characters must conform with Sharia.

Sheikh Zakzaky lamented that presently divorce is being carried out by Muslims at will without following the six steps as outlined in the Holy Quran. This originated from lack of true knowledgeof Islamic laws . Also the enemies of Islam misunderstand the Quran and opined that Islam permits beating of women. The word  Darb in Arabic has many meanings. And in this context it means strike action just like prisoners go on hunger strike not beating . The Character of the  Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) is the Quran and he explained  its meaning practically , it was never reported that the prophet had beaten his wife even though sometimes they behaved like other women.  So beating of women is not Islamic.

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