Saudi Shia's Attacked by local Wahabis on Ashura Procession

JNN 18 Dec 2010 Medina : Shia participants were attacked by local Wahabi’s in Medina, when the Shia Citizens where taking out the Ashura Procession .

Saudi Shia sources said “Saudi security forces failed to provide security to Shia Citizens of Saudia Arabia as they were attacked by the local Wahabi’s  , which may have been avoided if the security forces would have planned earlier to safe gaurd the Shia Citizens who were  attending there Ashura Processin , But the security forces came late and Wahabis attacked the Participants of the Procession of Ashura ,and due to which fights broke out between Shiites and Wahhabis during the Ashura mourning procession in Medina on Thursday”.

According to Saudi Media, Shia Muslims are under severe restrictions and discriminations by ignorant Wahhabi sects, but the Saudi government denies the accusations.

Ignorant Wahhabis attacked number of Shiites with stones when they were perfrming Ashura rituals in Medina, the incident was happened near the famous mosque of Quba.

A journalist said Reuters “Security forces came to disperse the crowds”.

Saudi Wahhabi forces arrested 38 Shia mourner in the holy city of Medina after fighting erupted near Islam’s oldest mosque Al-Quba on the Shiite religious holiday of Ashura, Saudi media reported on Saturday.

“Several people suffered minor injuries in Thursday’s clashes between Wahhbais and Shias”, the press reports said..

Three security officials were also wounded, the Al-Madina newspaper said.

According to Rasid the fighting pitted members of Saudi Arabia’s Shiite minority against majority Wahhbais.

Many of the kingdom’s top Wahhabi clerics have condemned Shiites as having rejected “true” Islam.


Officials say that the Shiites make up ten percent of the population of Saudi Arabia, but diplomats estimate the figure more than 15 percent.

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