Sunni Muslims Commemorate Ashura Procession in Indian Province of Hamachal

JNN 18 Dec 2010 : NAHAN, Himachal, India -It is rare to find the Sunni community commemrating Ashura , while here in this town , Ashura is observed by exclusively Sunni Community, As there are no Shia Residents in this town.

Muharram is observed by the “Shia” Muslim community across the world in commemoration of the martyrdom of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, Imam Hussain (pbuh) along with his family and followers, who were martyred in the Battle of Karbala in AD 680 ,but here in this town the day is observed by the “Sunni” community of Muslims which makes the day distinct with other parts of the country.

All Himachal Muslim welfare committee state Chief Naseem Mohammed Didan says the day is observed only by “Shia community all over the world, but it’s really worth appreciable and adoring that in his town, “Suni” Muslim observes Mohrram as a gesture towards the “Shia Muslims. As per previous year Practive, it is remarkable that Muharram is still observed in the same manner even after years and years of Independence.

It is learnt that the town established in 1621 has always set examples of communal harmony. The town did not witnessed communal clash in the history even not during the partition. The member of the Royal family and former MLA Kanwar Ajay Bhadur Singh says this unique tradition was started at the behest of Maharaja Shamsher Parkash, ex ruler of the princely state.

He also said that there is no “Shia community in the town. There are Hindus, Sunni Muslim, Sikh and Christian communities living in harmony and participates in each other’s commemorations and celebrations. Chief of Anjuman e  Islamiya said, for this rare tradition credit goes to ex ruler of the princely state, who invited and brought persons from all section of the society and religion and envisaged perfect understanding between them which still prevails in the town.

There are no Shia residents in the town and No Imambargah , hall of mourning in the town so whole of the ceremony took place in the open spaces in streets.

On Friday rare Muharram was observed in the town, in which almost every family of “Sunni community participated in Tazia procession which started this afternoon from four mosques of the town, with the sun set  the procession was ended at Jamma Masjid katcha tank.

Himachal Pradesh  is a state in Northern India. It is spread over 21,495 sq mi (55,673 km²),[4] and is bordered by the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Punjab on the west and south-west, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on the south, Uttarakhand on the south-east and by the Tibet Autonomous Region on the east. The literal meaning of Himachal Pradesh is Region of snowy mountains.

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