Shian e Haider e Karrar sign of Pakistan’s Integeration

JNN 26 Dec : The Shia Community which has been targeted killed tortured and victimized since last 1400 years by the tyrant rulers , and at present  specially in Pakistan  for the last 30 years , the community is facing hardships of Target Killing , Bomb Blasts & Suicide attacks on them , which was the result of the Government sponsored Terrorist Organisations like Sipah e Sahaba, Tehrik e Taliban, Lashkar e Jhangvi, Jundullah, Lashkar e Taiba, Jaish e Mohd and others, which were created by the Most Elite agencies of Pakistan , funded by Saudia Arabia , and other Wahabi states of the Middle Eastern Countries, and was planned by American and western Countries , To malign the Integerity of Muslims and to defame Islam, as it is the Highly growing religion of the world  and Muslims have become the most Powerful Nations of the world, as the Iranian Revolution which has taken the Muslims of the world by surprise and its Positive effects can be  felt around the World .

And Due to successes of the Irani Revolution and its popularity in the masses World and specially in the Muslim World , Americans and its European allies were afraid of a new power rising in the Most Prosperous region of the World , which is Rich in resources and Infra Structure and as also holds the 80% of the World resources , So a Evil game was planned to Divide and rule the World , and the cunning Perpetrators of this Evil plan , planned in such a way that they can execute there Plan , without investing a single penny in it , by using even the Money and the Men also of the same region, so they can save there Men and Money both , which will be an all Win Win situation for them . 

So in this Regard Saudi Wahabi Dictators  who were already  illegally  usurped the powers and were ruling by crushing there own poor shia population , which are the real in habitants of the oil rich area’s of Saudi Arabia , so they were threatened by the US administration , and shown the picture , of there evil doings that , as the Irani Revolution is sweeping the region by storm , and as the Irani revolution is led by Shia sect of the Muslims , so if they do not fund the US plan to counter the Irani Revolution , then there Monarchy may even be wound up , as if this revolution goes ahead , then it may reach there land also , and as a result of this , Saudi Arabia funded the American Plan heavily , as they were well aware of there evil doings , and usurpation of the just rights of the local People . The same Plan was kept infront of the other Monarchies of the region like UAE, and others , and they all agreed to the American game Plan , and even funded the plan very heavily, and thus as a result of all this plan , a Pakistani local tribal belt was targeted to fund and raise the mercenaries in the name of Islam , and as the fund were given by the Wahabi Saudi Ruler and their allies UAE rulers , who were Basically all Wahabi fundamentalist, so this New mercenaries force namely Taliban was created , which has the only agenda on there list to Protect the Interest of there American Masters and there Saudi Fund Raisers .

As a result of that they started their Hatred Mission against Irani Revolution, and as it was hard for them to counter Iran , so they started Harrasing and Killing Irani sympathizer  , and the Main victim of that was Shia Population of Pakistan , as they belong to the same sect of Iran , and they were also the sympathizer of the Irani Revolution. This Killing was not even countered by any Law enforcement agency of Pakistan, rather this band of terrorist was patronized by the official and Establishment of the country , as the Head of the state Gen Zia ul Haq , who was enjoying  all the privileges of this war , which was on the Home ground , and all the Funds were flowing through him , and he was the one who was controlling the Flow of funds , with an option to utilize and personalize , as much as he wants for him self, and with in his reign , He even ditched the Establishment and the Armed forces of Pakistan, who became the part and parcel of his plan.

All the Evil plans end up with disasters and are never beneficial for any body , even the Devil know that his all plans and all his misdoing will still lead him to hell and not heaven , so he wants to take the most population of this world with him in revenge of his own catastrophe.

So the same went here the people who dug a hole for  others , have now fallen themselves in the same hole , The Taliban who were created and funded to counter the Iran and its revolution, are now the biggest threat for the survival of Pakistan itself , They are still being heavily funded by the same Wahabi Saudi and UAE Rulers , But their leash is in the hands of Americans directly , and not in the hands of Pakistani Armed forces, as now they are even openly challenging there previous Masters and trainers , and encountering them at all levels.The Attack at GHQ Rawalpindi , Attack at Parade Lane Mosque In Islamabad, Several other Military and sensitive Installations and offices of the Law enforcement agencies  shows the clearly the intentions and Motives of Pakistan , while in these terrorists Organisation in their statements openly claim that they are working for the disintegration of Pakistan.

The Present Top Brass of the Armed Forces should take some urgent and corrective measures to save Pakistan . Because if they still act Naive like their predecessors then they should be ready to be Hanged in Public , as if these terrorist win they will do it , as written in the books of history, Or by chance if  the People of Pakistan rise and shine to sacrifice their lives in the line of duty to clear this mess of terrorism , and start encountering and send these terrorist to their Homeland in hell  , then even this Public and the Masses of Pakistan will even do the same , for the negligence and corruption done by them.

So Now each and every loyal citizen of Pakistan knows that the Shia Community which gave there lives to save Islam , are also the Most Loyal citizens of Pakistan , the enemies of Shian e Haider Karar , are also the enemies of Pakistan.

As now that have been Proven that the Shia Community and Pakistan , has a common enemy so now the loyal Pakistani think tanks should give it a thought that This community which has laid thousand of life for Pakistan, and still the Most Loyal community of Pakistan should be kept in the fore front and given a chance to upgrade and elevate  Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan

Ya Ali Madad

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