Shia Educationist Targeted In D I Khan District

JNN 05 Jan 2011 D I Khan : Professor Munir Hussain Sherazi was shot martyred in Dera Islamil Khan (D.I.Khan) by the terrorists of Banned  Wahabi organizations Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists.

Professor Munir Hussain Sherazi embraced Shahadat as a result of on going Target Kiling  by the terrorists on Monday at 2 pm, when  he was going to his home from his job.

Majlis Wehdat Muslimeen (MWM) Central General Secretary Maulana Raja Nasir Abbas strongly condemns the target killing of Shia educationist Professor Munir Hussain Sherazi.

He said that Professor Munir Hussain Sherazi was dedicated for the Literacy in the  Masses through his services in the educational institution saying that some elements want to kill the educated people in the country to fulfill their evil design.

He said that the continuous genocide of Shia Muslims across the country has the questioned mark on the performance of Government and law enforcement agencies.

Raja Nasir Abbas demanded of the government to immediately arrest the terrorists, who on the directives of United States and Israel killing the innocent shia Muslims.

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