Muslims Face Horrific Torture in Uzbekistan Jails

JNN Jan 14 2011 : Muslims are facing a dark future of repression and torture in Uzbekistan for years to come as the government’s relentless campaign of religious suppression continues. Continue reading

Muslims Offer Prayers at the Site of Demolished Delhi Mosque


JNN 14 Jan 2011 Delhi : After a few hours of normalcy Thursday, a crowd of over 100 men and women gathered at the site of a mosque in south Delhi that was demolished as an illegal structure a day earlier. They offered prayers and shouted slogans against the authorities. Continue reading

3 Criminals arrested involved in KU Blast at Shia Namazis

JNN 13 Jan 2011 KARACHI: The accused in the police detention in connection with Karachi University blast have confessed that they were all set to launch attacks on other offices of KU as well as those of Rangers, JNN reported Wednesday. Continue reading