10 Shia injured as the Chehlum procession comes under attack in Chakwal , Punjab

Jan 23 Jan 2011 CHAKWAL,: As many as 10 Shia Mourners were injured in an attack by armed Wahabi terrorist on a Chehlum Procession  in Choa Syedan Shah city , Chakwal , Punjab Pakistan on Saturday.

Reports said an armed group attacked a procession taken out in connection with Hazrat Imam Hussain`s chehlum.

Nine of the injured received bullet injuries while one was hit by stones. Dozens of vehicles and shops were set on fire and many shops were also looted by anti-state elements. The city remained tense till the evening when the police restored order.

It all started when some people protested over the closure of a bazaar for security reasons by the police. The Protest was against the Local Administration and Police as they said that never in the past the bazaar had been closed during Chehlum processions.

When the mourners passed through the main bazaar, they were attacked by a group of people. The participants of the procession in their defense retaliated and people from both the sides started hurling stones at each other. Later, at that moment the group ready for the terrorism , resorted to indiscriminate firing.

Police personnel who were deployed there could not stop the attack.

Five injured persons were shifted to the District Headquarters Hospital while four were taken to a nearby hospital,” an official of the emergency service said. He said after a tough effort, they extinguished the fire which had engulfed the market and a passenger bus.

District Police Officer Syed Ali Mohsin said the police had done nothing wrong by ordering the closure of the market as it was necessary to tackle any untoward incident.

2 thoughts on “10 Shia injured as the Chehlum procession comes under attack in Chakwal , Punjab

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