Arbaeen Comemorated at the Top of the World : Kargil

JNN 26 Jan 2011 Kargil : Arbaeen commemorated at the Highest living Place of the World , Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir , which was once the Highest Battle Ground of the World , But the Flag of the Imam still fly’s high no matter , who ever try’s to take control of the Living People of that area ,  But the Heart & Minds are still reign by the love of the Imam , as 95% of the Population of Kargil is from Jafria Community .

Kargil District of Jammu and Kashmir, on the Eve of Chelum-e-Hazrat Imam Hussain thousands of Mourners in the form of processions reached Kargil Town from various villages under the banner of Anjuman e Jamiat Ul Ulam Isana Ashriya Kargil. There were processions of nohas, zanjeerzani and senazani where the followers of Imam Hussain A.S were seen in deep sorrow.

The processions which started from various villages of Kargil passing through Islamia School Kargil, Main Bazaar Kargil, Concluded at Inqilab Building Kargil. Anjuman Jamiayat Ul Ulma Isna Ashri Kargil has made proper arrangements for the Azadar-e-Hussanis at various places and which has helped in the smooth conclusion of the Chelum processions.

At Qatilogah E Hussaini the President Islamia School Kargil Hujatul Islam Sheikh Ahmad Mohammadi performed the Zeyarat-e-Arbayeen and gave a speech on the philosophy of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S and requested the people to maintain peace and harmony in the region. He also strongly condemned the Sucide attacks on the processions and Azadar E Imam Hussain A.S in Iraq. He also strongly condemned the sucide attack in Karachi and Lahore on eve of Arbaeen Imam Hussain and his 72 fellow Martyr at the event of Karbala

Sheikh Ahamd also prayed for the peace and Harmony in the World especially in their own country India and State Jammu and Kashmir.

Later Hujatul Islam Sheikh Hussain Mudarris thanked the Hill Council,  Distrcit Administration and the volunteers for their support and contribution in the smooth functioning of the Chelum Procession.

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