Conversion to Islam in Kenya on the rise

JNN 29 Jan 2011 : Conversion to Islam has significantly increased in recent years and the new Muslims of the tribe regard the common points between the religion and their culture as the main reason for them to be attracted to Islam.

Islam was first introduced in this region in 1986 by Mohammad Ilah Sakangeyi a native of Maasai Tribe.

Hussein Allah Daruni, head of the Magura District and Abdullah Lilon, former governor of Kisii region are among the eminent figures who have converted to Islam recently.

Ibrahim Ilah Parsi Riyay, an 82-year-old Muslim, refers to the fact that the principles of Islam, from among all religions, are more similar to culture of the people of this part of Africa.

Cooperating with Iran Cultural Center in Kenya, Mohammad Ilah Sakangeyi has played an active role in setting up over 5 mosques and schools in the country.

An Islamic Center is planned to be founded in Kenya which is financially supported by a Dubai-based Muslim.

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