Israel in search of New Middle Eastern Allys , after Egyptian and Tunisian Revolution

JNN 01 Feb 2011 : Israeli leaders are anxiously watching the current developments in Egypt with their analysts warning of a restoration of Islamic rule in Egypt after centuries. Continue reading


US company Google launches Twitter By Phone for Egyptians

JNN 01 Feb 2011 : Google Inc launched a special service to allow people in Egypt to send Twitter messages by dialing a phone number and leaving a voicemail, as Internet access remains cut off in the country amid anti-government protests. Continue reading

Pakistani Government favors American Killers of Innocent Pakitanis

JNN 01 Feb 2011 Lahore : The Sources have told that Pakistani Government in its effort to favour the American Government in saving the Killers of the Pakistani Citizens on the Pakistani Soil , Has not booked or have shown any efforts to take the custody of the other killer who killed a Motorcyclist , in his mission to save his American colleague Continue reading