Pakistani Government favors American Killers of Innocent Pakitanis

JNN 01 Feb 2011 Lahore : The Sources have told that Pakistani Government in its effort to favour the American Government in saving the Killers of the Pakistani Citizens on the Pakistani Soil , Has not booked or have shown any efforts to take the custody of the other killer who killed a Motorcyclist , in his mission to save his American colleague .

Our correspondent says that the US authorities pursued a soft tone immediately following the incident, but they have now hardened their stance and argued that Raymond Davis ( Original Name Still Unknown )  should be released according to the Vienna Convention.

Pakistani authorities say it increasingly appears that Mr Davis was a private security contractor working for the US government in Pakistan.

While the identity of the other Killer’s team members of the rescue team , which came for the rescue of Raymond Davis , is still a mystery, as American Embassy have closed their eyes on that matter , and is non conversant in this matter, which is a Big security risk for Pakistan , as Nobody knows how many of these Killer Rescue teams , roam in Pakistan , and in which cities they are acting , and to whom they are rescuing and Protecting .

They said that a Glock pistol was recovered from Mr Davis and that pistols were also found on the two men who were shot dead. Davis, whom the U.S. Embassy said was assigned to Islamabad, was in Lahore and armed , the official added But he was not permitted to carry a weapon

Mr Davis’s permanent employer, according to the Huffington Post website, is a company called Hyperion Protective Consultants LLC based in Orlando, Florida.

A third Pakistani man was struck and killed after the shooting, which took place in the eastern city of Lahore, by an American consular vehicle ( with a private No. )  that came to Davis’s rescue, police say.

As all the details tell that Raymond was on a Mission inside the Busy Down Town Lahore Area of Qazafi Chowk ( Mozangi Chorangi ) , where he was freely on the Mission to contact his hired agents to serve for american intelligence agencies , and to carry out the covert actions by these appointed agents , but due to Unknown reasons , as he felt his mission to be Uncovered due to these two Pakistani Men , so he bravely and confidently announced their death warrants and executed them , without any fear of any Law of the land , as he must be so much confident that He has been Licensed to Kill , like the British Agent James Bond OO7 , But all in this episode  he misjudged the brave unarmed Pakistani Public , as they without any fear tried to aprehend the Killer , but as un armed and un equipped , they could not apprehend him , because his rescue force dashed toward him , on his call more urgently than our law enforcement agencies , And in this Process this American Rescue team even Killed an Innocent Pakistani , for which even our Government of Pakistan is not bothered to apprehend the Killers of this rescue team , as hundreds of people are eye witness to this Rescue teams Killing , but Not our Law Enforcement Agencies , Courts and even the Establishment of Pakistan , have turned a blind eye towards these so called Rescue team members and specially the driver of the Jeep , who heartlessly killed an Innocent Pakistani in his Mission to save his fellow American from the Pakistani Public .

No letter or Order has been passed by the government of Pakistan to hand over the Killer Jeep , Instrument of Murder or the Driver and the team Members who came to rescue the American Killer , And at this moment the Criminal Silence of the Government of Pakistan , for the recovery of the Driver of the Killer Jeep , should be voiced at all forums , so that the Pakistani Public should know the facts , and the Killers should be exposed to the public , and should be brought to the Justice  , so all the facts should be brought to the book , as who are these Killers and what are there activities in the country , and why are these Killers not apprehended , before these Killing , do we have intelligence agencies working in Pakistan , do we have Law enforcement agencies in Pakistan , and if they are here , then they should also be accountable with the rulers that they enjoying the luxuries of life on the tax payers money , while the Innocent Pakistanis are being Killed in broad Day light , in the territory governed by the So called Servants of Pakistan ( Khadim e Ala Punjab ) .

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