Taliban defeated in an attack on Shia Villages of Parachinar

JNN 01 Feb 2011 Parachinar : Armed  Taliban Terrorists from Khar Kaly Sadda Lower Kurram on Sunday attacked neighboring Turi Bangash tribes village Blashkhel at 2 pm, strong resistance of Shia Tribal has defeated Wahhabi-Taliban attack, but heavy fighting continues, which was spread to other villages like Bagan & AliZai of troubled Kurram Agency FATA

Local sources told that fleeing Taliban militants from Waziristan and Orakzai Agency with their Local supporters in Lower and FR Kurram Agency launched armed attacked from their stronghold Sadda city and surrounding Khar Kaly on anti Taliban,Peace loving  Shia Turi and Bangash tribes residing in neighboring Village named Blashkhel.

The intense fighting is still continued and spread to other areas of troubled Kurram while Turi and Bangash tribes of Village Blashkhel strong resistance has been defeated Taliban armed Lashker attack in Blashkhel.

Taliban with their local supporters have no option but just to flee away from the positions. Hospital sources told that six Turi bangash tribal’s injured in resisting Taliban attack were shifted in which two are said to be critical while the number of Taliban killed and injured were not  confirmed as they do not show the exact numbers of losses but the eye witnesses claim that more than twenty attacking Taliban killed and dozens injured as Taliban took away dead bodies and injured along with them while fleeing from the scene.

It is worth mentioning here that on Friday a Grand Jirga announced Peace Agreement in Kurram by publishing Breaking News in Daily Mashriq and other Local News papers of Peshawar saying that blocked main Thall Parachinar Road will be opened within 24 hours. After this on next day Saturday morning Commandant FC announced a Passengers Convey escorted by FC from Parachinar to Thall city and vice versa but when convey reached Bagan village of Lower Kurram armed Taliban and their local supporters blocked the road saying that they do not accept any deal for opening road.

Mean While Tribal Elders Council of Turi Bangash tribes in Kurram Agency in its emergency meeting termed the today incident as state supported terrorism and blamed the Commandant FC & security forces to built pressure on Turi Bangash tribes to give shelter to Haqqani group militants Taliban from Waziristan in Upper Kurram.

It has been now quite eminent from the recent history and on going events in Parachinar that Taliban can only be defeated by the Shia residents of Parachinar of Kurram Agency .

If the establishment is really serious in countering the threats by the Anti State Elements ,which are working against the State as well the Islam , then they have to back the Shia’s from all over the country and specially Parachinar . As it has been proven that the Loyal Shia Communit in Pakistan is the sign of Integration of Pakistan.

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