Britain Makes Profit from non-EU students ,But No incentives No Jobs


JNN 03 Feb 2011 : The British government and universities across the UK are playing double-standards in their policies designed to attract more foreign students. Continue reading

British Telecom & US ammunition used to injure and Kill Protesting Egyptians

JNN 03 Feb 2011 It has been lost on no one that the empty shell casings from live ammunition and gas canisters, which litter Tahrir Square and other streets across Egypt, were provided by the United States of America. Press TV’s own correspondent Jihan Hafiz held up the damning evidence for the world to see in one of her heroic broadcasts. While The British telecommunications company Vodafone says the Egyptian government has forced phone operators to send pro-Mubarak text messages to Egyptian users. Continue reading

Egyptian Revolution a Valiant Attempt for Justice, Freedom and True Independence : Grand Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi

JNN 03 Feb 2011 : Iranian Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi has lauded the popular revolution in Egypt as a “valiant” attempt for justice, freedom and true independence. Continue reading