Shia Men arrested for Protesting against the Blasphemous attack of Wahabis in Rawal Pindi

JNN 08 Feb 2011 : A Protest was organised against Blasphemous and Sectarian Incident of 4th of Feb in Rawal Pindi , the Participants of which was largely attended by the Shia Women , which was forcefully being stopped to proceed by the local police present at the Protest sight , and the Men accompanying the Women Participants were arrested .

A Procession from Dhok Saiyydan Girja Road Rawalpindi, was taken on out on 4th Feb to commerate the Martyrdom of Imam Hussein A.S , which was attacked by the Wahabi’s , in which Alam was burnt and the Holy Quran was desecrated by the attackers  and the Zuljinah was also snatched and taken away from the Participants of the Procession by force , as the attacker were out numbered the Particpants of the Procession  and were heavily armed , and after attacking they took the Zulijinah with them and tried to ride it , when could not ride it , they beat him an stabbed him with axes , due to which the Zuljinah was critically injured and finally died due to the wounds .

After the Incident and on the intervention of some Momineen , the FIR was lodged namely against Qari Shafiq ur Rehman , his three sons and some unknown attackers , and  As per the residents of the area , this was all done on the instigation of the Wahabi Molvi and the local Partner of Taliban , Qari Shafiq ur Rehman and his three sons.

There is heavy resentment in the Shia Community members of Pakistan , as the culprits have not till date brought to the book , while the Peace Loving , Innocent Young Shia Protester were arrested . As the General Shia Community of Pakistan  have demanded of Immediate action against the culprits of this Blasphemous actions of desecration of Holy Quran , and burning of Alam and beating the Zuljinah.

And they have given the Dead line  to the Government to arrest the culprits before Friday , 7th Rabi ul Awal , other wise another Big Procession will be taken out and will be taken to the same place to Protest the Incident.

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Shia Men Being Arrested , while the Shia Women Protesting against the Incident

Desecration of Alam

Attack on the Zuljinah

Protest and FIR Lodged

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