Military under influence of CIA & Mossad , new challenge for Egyptians

JNN 15 Feb 2011 : Egypt’s military has rejected the demands of pro-democracy protesters for a swift transfer of power to a civilian administration, saying it will rule by martial law until presidential election is held in September. Continue reading

People may Revolt in Saudi Arabia also, against the Poverty and Economic conditions of Poor

JNN 14 Feb 2011 : In a video published on the internet, Saudi Arabian Mufti Sheikh Yusof al-Ahmad says due to the poverty and an unemployment rate of 22 percent, the recent popular uprisings in the Arab world will permeate into Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

Najib Miqati tries to form a National Government in Lebonan, while Hariri tries to Besiege Miqati

JNN 14 Feb 2011 Beirut : Lebanese PM-designate Najib Miqati stated, “I give out my hand to everyone with honesty and loyalty in order to form a government of national unity, where everyone participates in it to serve their country and people”. Continue reading