Najib Miqati tries to form a National Government in Lebonan, while Hariri tries to Besiege Miqati

JNN 14 Feb 2011 Beirut : Lebanese PM-designate Najib Miqati stated, “I give out my hand to everyone with honesty and loyalty in order to form a government of national unity, where everyone participates in it to serve their country and people”.

PM Miqati referred that this comes in light of the exceptional and historical circumstances the region is passing through and so that all the Lebanese would be partners in holding national responsibility.

In an interview with As-Safir newspaper, Miqati considered, “We should hold hand in hand away from narrow interests if we seek the unity for our country and its stability, and the immunity of its civil, economic and social peace.

He also confirmed that he is not of those who seek to take over positions.

PM designate Miqati referred he is aware of the importance of the responsibility he has taken, stating that he has decided to sacrifice for the best of his country and people.

Miqati again urged all the Lebanese to take part in the national unity government, which would reunite the country and the citizens.

PM Najib Miqati pointed out that he has been honest regarding his choices, stating that as he refused to give any promises to the March 8 forces, he refused to do so to the other team.

While his rival Saad Hariri tries to Besiege Miqati . Lebanese daily As-Safir reported that caretaker PM Saad Hariri asked his team to come up with an image on an attempt to internationally besiege PM designate Najib Miqati, especially where some well-known US figures volunteered to play a role in this scheme.

The daily added that this scheme would rely on a bill issued by the US Congress, referring that there is a high-ranked Arab Ambassador in Washington willing to play a complementary role to that of Hariri’s team.

According to As-Safir, Hariri requested, on the internal level, to come up with an image to transform March 14 gathering into an unprecedented day on the popular level.

The Lebanese newspaper pointed out to a March 14 possibility of launching an open-ended sit-in in Central Beirut, against the new government.

Now as the Middle East is the Battle field  for the American and Western Allies to win it by conspiracies or to loose it against the uprising of the common People against the Imposed and Planned Dictatorships of the US and its allies , to plunder the National wealth of these countries , through their appointed cronies like Saad Hariri , Hosni Mubarak  and other , and this all in the benefit of Israeli Interests , so it can go on of Making it is plans possible of  A Greater Israel.

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