'Islam: Egypt's main legislation source'

JNN 18 Feb 2011 : Waving flags and beating drums, thousands gathered at Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday for a planned “Day of Victory” rally to celebrate the one-week anniversary of the ouster of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The march at the square — the epicenter of 18 days of protests that led to Mubarak stepping down — is also meant to remind the military that Egyptians were watching the ongoing reform process. Celebrations are expected in other cities across the nation as well. The military has been in charge since February 11, when Mubarak’s resignation was announced

Now The grand Imam of Cairo’s influential al-Azhar Mosque says Islamic law should remain the principle source of legislation in Egypt’s post-Mubarak era.
Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb said that Article II of the Egyptian Constitution should not be changed,  our correspondent in Cairo reported on Wednesday.

“Islam is the Religion of the State. Arabic is its official language, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia),” Article II of the Egyptian Constitution reads.

The grand Imam noted that a change to the Article would result in sectarian tension in the Egyptian society, and come in the way of freedom and democracy in the North African country.

Egypt has recognized Islam as the state religion since 1980, and Sunni Muslims comprise about 90 percent of a population of around 80 million.

The news comes as more than 24,000 Egyptian workers continue their nationwide walkouts, defying an order by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to end the strikes six days after President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster.

According to Egypt’s Health Ministry, around 365 people have so far been killed and about 5,500 wounded in pro-democracy protests across crisis-hit Egypt which led to the overthrow of Mubarak.

Since the initial victory of the popular Egyptian revolution last week, protesters have been demanding that the military hand over power to a civilian government.

Activists have demanded the release of political prisoners, the lifting of a 30-year-old state of emergency and the disbanding of the military court in troubled Egypt.


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