Albanian opposition holds another Protest Demo


JNN 19 Feb 2011 : Albania’s opposition Socialist Party has held another anti-government demonstration in the capital Tirana to demand that the government resign over corruption allegations.

Thousands of demonstrators, led by opposition leader Edi Rama, marched in central Tirana on Friday, calling for the resignation of the coalition government led by Sali Berisha.

Protesters also called for early elections, although the next elections are planned for 2013.

The opposition has accused the ruling government of rigging the 2009 elections and has refused to accept the results.

“We are the only hope to give an end to the injustice and give Albania a fair governance,” AP quoted Rama as saying in a speech to protesters.

“We do not want to come to power through demonstrations but we shall keep on demonstrating to oust this government. Here are the people asking for fresh, free, and fair elections,” he added.

He also said a peaceful solution was needed to end “a crisis that is harming every day the country and the common people.”

Four people died when an opposition movement demonstration turned violent last month.

Albania, which is one of Europe’s poorest countries, is seeking to join the European Union, but the 27-nation bloc has said the country has not yet done enough to root out corruption.



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