Government failure as Target Killing of Shia Men in D.I.Khan continues

JNN 24 Feb 2011 : Syed Ejaz Husain a resident of Dera Ismail Khan was Martyred on Monday at Sabzi Mandi road , D.I.Khan.

Syed Ejaz Hussain 35 , was shot from a short range at Sabzi Mandi Road in the District D.I Khan area , as a result of which he was critically injured , and he cannot succumb to his injuries, and  on the  arrival of his body at the hospital , He was Declared Martyred.

As per our correspondent he was a man of Good repute ,and does’nt have  any personal enmity or dispute with any body , and his Murder is another case of Target Killing of the Innocent Shia Community , as the Shia community members are being Targeted and killed for a long time , and the government have miserably failed to protect the lives of  peace loving Shia community members , They are Just being Killed to Paint the acts of terrorism by the enemies of Pakistan and Islam , as sectarian clashes .

As there is complete harmony between the shia and Sunni Population of the country , but certain  Wahabi seminaries and Organisations are working , for the Disintegration of Pakistan and Defamation of the Islam , Who are heavily funded by the Wahabi Saudi Rulers , who are again promoting the zionist regime and their causes.

4 thoughts on “Government failure as Target Killing of Shia Men in D.I.Khan continues

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