CIA planned to steal and smuggle the Atom Bomb for Osama

JNN Feb 26 2011 : Apparently US and its allies will not rest till they disarm Pakistan of their Nuclear arms, they are working Day in and out to Destabilize Pakistan , and to Dis Integrate Pakistan , working with their Bastard Children Known as Taliban , and Al Qaeda , which is on the orders of their Masters , the Zionist Lobby is working head over heels to Disarm Pakistan of its Nuclear assets .

While all eyes in the West are currently trained on the ongoing revolution taking place in Egypt , Tunisia , Libya and Bahrain. Russian Intelligence Service (SVR) is warning that the situation on the sub continent has turned ” grave ” as it appears open warfare is about to break out between Pakistan and the United States.

Fueling this crisis , that the SVR warns in their report has the Potential to ignite a total Global War , was the apprehension by Pakistan of a 36 year old American named Raymond Alan Davis, whom the US claims is one of their diplomats, but Pakistani Intelligence Services (ISI) claim Raymond Davis is a spy for the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ).

Davis was captured by Pakistani Police after he shot and killed two men in the eastern city of Lahore on January 27th that the US claims were trying to rob him .

Pakistan, however , says that the two men Davis Killed were ISI agents sent to follow him after it was disclosed he had been making contact with Al Qaeda after his cell phone was tracked to the Waziristan tribal area bordering Afghanistan where the Pakistani Taliban and a dozen other militant groups have forged a safe haven and former CIA agent Tim Osman ( Generally Known as Osama Bin Laden ) is believed to be in hiding.

Of the actual gunfight itself we can read as reported by the Times News Service which , in part says :

” The scene could have been scripted in a Hollywood action thriller : For two hours at the end of the last month in Lahore , U.S Agent Raymond Davis was closely pursued by two visibly armed men on a motorbike. He notices them tailing him from a restautant to an ATM,and through the crowded streets of Pakistan’s Second biggest city . They were close by when , in a crowded intersection, Davis produced his own Handgun and fired seven shots.

The Agent was apparently a Target shooter ,and all seven bullets found their mark , killing his two pursuers. Davis then called for back up , and a 4 wheel Drive vehicle races onto the scene, killing a Motorcyclist coming from the opposite direction of the Jeep . But the people in the vehicle, whose identities remain unknown, escaped from the scene having failed to retrieve Davis, who was later arrested nearby.”

The combat skills exhibited by Davis, along with documentation taken from him after his arrest , prove , according to this report , his being a member of the feared American Task Force 373 (TF373) Black Operations Unit currently operating in the Afghan War Theater and Pakistani tribal areas comprised of US Military Special Forces Soldiers, CIA spies and Freelance mercenaries.

Further information about Davis discovered by the Times of India includes :

” According to records from the Pentagon , Davis is a former Special Forces soldier who left the army in August 2003 after 10 years of service. A Virginia native , he served with infantry divisions prior to joining the 3rd Special Forces Group in Fort Bragg , North Carolina. In 1994 he divisions prior to joining the 3rd Special Forces Group in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In 1994, he was part of the U.N Peace Keeping force in Macedonia. His record includes several awards and medals, including for good conduct.

Public records also show Davis runs a company with his wife registered in Las Vegas called Hyperion Protective Services , though it was not immediately clear whether the company has had many contracts with the U.S government.”

Since Davis’s capture the US has exerted extra ordinary pressure upon Pakistan to release him, including the American Ambassador’s warning President Asif Ali Zardari to release him ” or else ” and the cancellation of all talks between these two nuclear Powered Nations.

Today , according to this SVR Report , this most critical of situations Became even worse when a Pakistani court refused to bow to American Pressure and ordered a further 14 day detention of Davis , and which sparked an immediate threat from US National Security Advisor Tom Donilon,

who told Pakistani envoy Hussain Haqqani that the Obama administration will ” Kick him Out of the US ” , close American consulates in Pakistan and cancel President Zardari’s upcoming visit to Washington if their CIA spy wasn’t released immediately.

Fearing that the conflict over Davis may lead to open warfare , the Pakistanis were quick to let

the American know they would not come out any conflict unscathed with their firing of their new Hatf – VII nuclear cruise missile ( also called Babur after the 16th century Muslim ruler who founded the Mughal Empire ) that Major General Athar Abbas said ” …can carry strategic and conventional warheads, has stealth capabilities , is a low flying , terrain hugging missile with high manoeuvrability , pin point accuracy and radar avoidance features”.

The United States Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) further reported yesterday that Pakistan appears to be building a fourth Military Nuclear Reactor , Signaling its determination to Produce more Plutonium for atomic weapons.

Most ominous in this SVR report , though , is Pakistan’s ISI stating that top secret CIA documents found in Davis ‘s possession point to his , and / or TF373 , providing to Al Qaeda terrorists ” Nuclear fissile Material ” and ” Biological agents ” they claim are to be used against the United States itself in order to ignite an all out war in order to establish the West’s hegemony over a Global economy that is warned is just months away from collapse.

Not know to the masses of the American People is that the $20 Trillion they have spent on their longest wars in history has bankrupted their Nation to such an extent that the International Monetary Fund (IMF)  called yesterday for replacement of the US Dollar as the World reserve currency.

More crucially that the American people are ignoring is the fact that their own government has unleashed against them a 21st Century update to the dreaded US Military ” Operation Northwood” campaign of terror designed to enrage them to accepting war as their main way of life .


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