Gaddafi confined to Tripoli , bombarding Protesters


JNN Feb 2011 : Forces loyal to Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi have heavily bombarded pro-democracy protesters, who are zeroing in on the capital, Tripoli. Continue reading

US doctors used citizens as guinea pigs


JNN 28 Feb 2011 : Uncovered old pictures provide documents that US doctors working for the government carried out unethical experiments on disabled citizens and prison inmates. Continue reading

Rally to show the Solidarity with the People of Bahrain , Egypt , Yemen , Libya….

JNN 27th Feb 2011 Karachi :  A Rally was taken out from Numaish Crossing to Tibet Center in solidarity with the People of Bahrain ,Libya, Yemen ,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Morroco , who has stood against the Dictatorial regimes of their countries. Continue reading