Rally to show the Solidarity with the People of Bahrain , Egypt , Yemen , Libya….

JNN 27th Feb 2011 Karachi :  A Rally was taken out from Numaish Crossing to Tibet Center in solidarity with the People of Bahrain ,Libya, Yemen ,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Morroco , who has stood against the Dictatorial regimes of their countries.

This  Rally was organized by Majlis e Wahdet e Muslimeen (MWM)  in the solidarity with the People of the Muslim countries in Middle East & African Continent , where uprising & revolutions are being Initiated by the oppressed people of these countries, which was  attended by hundreds of Men and  Women , who even have brought their young children to Record their Protest  against the Oppression of these tyrant rulers , who were ruling with the help of the West and America , and now in the first phase these rulers are being , thrown out of their thrones ,and in the second phase the connection of the establishment from the enemies of these People has to be cut off , with the so called allies of these ruling masses , so the Oppresed People of these Nations get the real power , in the decision of their future ,and their future generation should enjoy all the benefits of the resources of these countries , which at present , are being robbed by the so called allies of these dictators , The West and the US .

On reaching at the Final Point of the rally , at Tibet Center , The  Hierarchy of MWM and the Invited guest addressed the Protesters ,namely Molana Md. Ali Husseini , Mr. Nasrullah Shajji ( Naib Nazim Karachi , Jamat e Islami ) , Ali Ausat ( MWM ) , Qazi Ahmed Noorani ( JUP Noorani ) , Mirza Yousuf Hussain , Nasir Abbas Jafri ( General Secretary , MWM ) , and condemned the Dictators and their Dictatorial rules of the World and especially the Muslim World , and vowed to stand in the ways of these and every Dictator and Oppreser , until the World is free of these Oppresser , and Prayed that their struggle should continue till , the Reappearance of Our 12th Imam , and we become the soldier of our Imam , and help him also in cleansing the world with Injustice & Oppression  , and He can establish the rule of Happiness and Justice in whole of the world , as has been promised By the Almighty God .

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