Bahrain's Movement now Crossing border into Saudi Arabia

JNN 01 Mar 2011 : According to informed sources in Qatif (Eastern province of Saudi Arabia) Shia Youths Movement organized a peaceful demonstration on next Thursday, March 3rd.

The statement is as follows:

Youths from different regions of Qatif including Safavi and al Awamiya city announced that Youths Movement will launch a peaceful march on Thursday March 3rd.

We call on the brothers in the different areas of Qatif to participate in this peaceful march.

We also extend a special invitation to all regions near and far to participate in this peace process.

The statement added that the most important demands which will be submitted are:

1. Release all political prisoners from different communities.

2. Combat with corruption.

3. Effective solutions to remove unemployment and poverty.

4. Stop the sectarian discrimination.

5. Political freedoms.

On the eve of coming protests, Saudi Wahhabi authorities removed restrictions and allowed the reopening of a number of Shiite mosques in the city of Khobar, which was closed since 2008.

According to informed sources at least two of nine closed mosques re-opened.

The source said that Shia citizens demanded to re open all Shiite mosques which closed since 2008.

The move came after recently meetings between senior officials and prominent Shia figures in the eastern region of Sadui Arabia.

Saudi Wahhabi authorities launched a campaign against Shia since mid-2008, which closed nine Shiite mosques in Al Khobar, Abqaiq, Ras Tanura, Jubail and Khafji.

Several international organizations condemned crackdown and arresting Shia figures without any evidence and legal trial.

Last week Saudi authorities released nine Shia prisoners that participated in Ashura mourning procession or in collective prayers last year.

But even after easing on certain things , In an official invitation Sheikh Amer was invited to police station of Damam, where he was arrested upon arrival directly to the station.

One of the family members of Sheikh Amer said that they had received a telephone call at mid-night in which the Department of Investigation expressed his detention , while further added as visiting him is  banned.

Sheikh Amer arrest came after his last Friday sermon in the mosque Imam Baqi of Al-Ahsa in which he called for a constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia and put an end to sectarian discrimination in the country.

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