18 Shia Passanger Injured by a IED Blast on Thal-Parachinar Road , Agreement Breached By Terrorist

JNN 03 Mar 2011 Parachinar : Terrorist from the Wahabi Clan Sponsored by the US violated Kurram Peace Agreement on Wednesday by Detonating a  remote controlled Device (IED) , which was Planted on the route  from Parachinar to Peshawar.

According to details a passenger coach # 2976 coming from Parachinar to Peshawar on Wednesday morning which came under attack as the remote control bomb was detonated
by the Terrorist of TTP near Mamoon Khor area due to which 18 passengers including children and women  were injured, out of which  a woman and a man are said to be in critical condition.

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)

Injured were shifted to a nearby Hospital while the Passengers travelling  from Parachinar to Peshawar and vice-versa blocked the road for some time , to  condemn the attack and protest on  this incident

It should be noted that after the much Publicized Peace Agreement in February all the Parties , Government , Shia Tribesmen ,  Pashoons , the Haqani Network , and even the Local Commanders of the TTP Kurram Commander fazal saeed had guaranteed  the agreement and have claimed that violators will be punished according to shairah.

Now this Violation of the Peace accord is the is a test case for all whether Haqani Network ,which took real interest in brokering this agreement , the  Government , if it can prove its writ in the area or it is helpless in the hands of the Terrorist , and above all  TTP, who even authenticated the agreement , So now it is the duty of all the parties to bring the culprits of this event before and do Justice , as this is crucial not for only Parachinar , but as the events there will also effects in other parts of the country .

Meanwhile, Elders Council of the six representative tribes of Kurram Agency declared ths incident as clear cut violation of Kurram Peace Agreement held a month ago on February 03-2011 and demanded the Govt and grand Jirga members to punish the militants. They further told that for more than dozen times during last three years after agreement and truce  taliban and thier local supporters violated Peace Agreements by attacking the Passangers travelling between Parachinar &  Peshawar , While the Targeted  Sectarian Killing  has also been done on the same route, but neither the Government nor the  Grand jirga punished the violators by taking Rs40/-million fine from violators according to Murree Agreement held in Oct 2008.

Elders Council give the deadline of one week to Govt. & Grand jirga to apprehend the culprits  and punish the Terrorists  involved , who  violated the  agreement otherwise the Shia Tribesmen have to take their own course to settle down the row.

As this Agreement was of International Repute, but US was very much against this Peace Deal ,as first of all it is against the interest of the US , as they don’t want Peace in the region , secondly as they perceived that with the help of this agreement , the Militants of Haqani Network will get an excess , to the safe passage to the shortest Possible route to Kabul, which was blocked by the shia Tribesmen for any type of passage for any body including the Haqani network Militants , as from here Kabul is only 50 – 60 Km from the Parachinar Border area, and it is even very easy for the Militants of the so called Pakistani Backed Haqani Network to attack and create trouble for the US and afghan forces and to take control of the region, for which they are working for

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