Libyan Freedom Fighters Near Tripoli , Gaddafi cornered

JNN 14 Mar 2011 : Libyan freedom Fighters vowing “victory or death” advanced toward a major oil terminal on Friday, calling for foreign air strikes to set up a “no-fly” zone after three days of attacks by Muammar Gaddafi’s warplanes. Continue reading


Protest by Women in & out of Saudia Arabia for Political Prisoners

JNN 04 Mar 2011 : A group of women in Saudi Arabia have protested their husbands’ detention in Saudi prisons, amid the emerging signs of anti-government uprisings across the kingdom. Continue reading

If Saudi Arabia Intervene in Bahrain Affairs, Opposition will Ask Help from Iran

JNN 03 Mar 2011 : Bahraini protesters in response to the news that if Saudi military intervene in the internal affairs of Bahrain for the suppression of popular protests, announced that they probably will seek help from Iran to respond to any intervention. Continue reading