Baharin’s Majority Demonstrated Shia Sunni Brotherhood ,to denounce the King’s Plan to divide and rule

JNN 07 Mar 2011 : Thousands of Shia and Sunni Made Up a Human Chain in Bahrain from Al Fateh Mosque to Pearl Square on March 5, 2011, to show the solidarity in the masses to denounce the King’s Plan to Build a sectarian divide , to Prolong his Monarchy.

As they have planned to Perform the Friday Prayers Jointly in Al Fatah Mosque in the Capital Manama, Where hundreds of the people reached the Fateh Mosque to perform mass prayer faced with closed doors.

According to eyewitnesses Minister of Justice ordered to  close the Mosque, as the Government does’nt wanted to let  the Protestors offer the Friday Prayers Unitedly by the People of  both the Shia and Sunni Sects , as it is not in the favour of the Government , while keeping them divided ,may keep their rule Prolonged for further more time , but people formed human chain , by joining their hands From Al Fatah Mosque to the Pearl Square , against this action and called to open the doors of the Mosque.

Up to this moment, Al Fateh Mosque is closed, and young people are demanding  the Minister of Justice to open the doors of the Mosque ,so they can show their Unity  by performing the prayers side by side , under the leadership of a single Person.

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