Shia Doctor In Karachi Embraced Martydom , Target Killing threat to Pakistan

JNN 07 Mar 2011 Karachi : Today In the Broad Day Light again a Shia Dr. M.Asif.Hussain  S/o Abid Hussain ,38 years of age was Martyred By Targeting and firing , when he was Passing from the Farhan Tower on Main Rashid Minhas Road , Gulshan e Iqbal Police Station limits ,in his car #7641 .

He received atleast 5 bullets in the Upper part of his Body , out of  which 2 he received on his head , due to which he was critically injured and could not scum to his injuries , and on arriving at the hospital he was Pronounced dead .

As per our Correspondent , He was an Employ of the Karachi & Water Sewerage Board , and an Ex Activist of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), whose  membership was suspended by the Organisation about 2 years back.  He was in the list of Shia Members of MQM which had been martyred , and were  in the Party or were still active in the Party, which starts from MPA Raza Haider , S.Asim Zaidi , Yawar Abbas, Khadim husssain & others.

As per the conspiracy hatched by the Foreign Intelligence Agencies , Target Killing is the Order of the Day , As the Pakistani  Intelligence Agencies have miserably failed to catch the culprits , which is done by the Local Handlers of the CIA , which is being now Publicly revealed by the International Media , that CIA Is operating in Pakistan , with the cooperation of Sectarian Wahabi  Organisation namely TTP , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat ) , and Lashkar e Jhangvi  in  Pakistan and specially in Karachi, and almost all of the Killers are being nurtured by these Organisation .


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