Saudi Monarchy bows to pressure , order release of Detained Shia Activists

JNN 09 Mar 2011 : According to Tawafoq Website, Saudi king Abdullah ordered the governor of the Eastern Province to release 27 Shia detainees who were arrested in demonstrations last Friday in Qatif.

According to sources, 15-member youth delegation from Qatif met the governor of Eastern Province for the release of nine prisoners accused of bombing in Al Khobar in 1996, in addition release of the two writers who detained in demonstrations, the writers are: Hussein Al Alaq, Hussein Youssef, Mr. Moaffaq Majid, Hussein Alibdouh, Mohammed Almiad, Saied Al Khunaizi, a Reed Al Khunaizi, Hani Alsidir.

Meanwhile  another delegation went Riyadh this morning to meet King for the release of nine prisoners.

The sources said that a delegation of elders and notables of Qatif, led by Sheikh Abdullah and Mohammad Reza Khunaizi Nasrallah met with the King on the subject of prisoners.

The sources added that Sheikh Abdullah Khunaizi insisted that the King should fastly release the prisoners.

The sources emphasized that Khunaizi insisted that he will not go back to Qatif without prisoners.

Saudi Wahhabi authorities also released  the most prominent advocates of civil rights and freedoms in Al-Ahsa, Sheikh Tawfiq Al-Amer, who was detained on 27 February after a call to a constitutional monarchy in the Kingdom.

Last week, Saudi authorities arrested Sheikh Tawfiq Al-Amer one of the most prominent Shia in Al-Ahsa who was a peaceful freedom fighter and civil rights activist after recently invited to a constitutional monarchy in the Kingdom.

Sheikh Amer arrest came after his last Friday sermon in the mosque Imam Baqi of Al-Ahsa in which he called for a constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia and put an end to sectarian discrimination in the country.

After his capture, hundreds of young people in the city of Hofuf started the march from the mosque of Baqi heading to the headquarters of Al-Ahsa province.

During the march protesters raised the pictures of Sheikh Amer and called for his release. demonstrators chanted “people want the release of Sheikh Tawfiq” “peaceful .. peaceful….”

According to eyewitnesses security forces surrounded the headquarters of Al-Ahsa province and did not come into contact with demonstrators.

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