Saudi Wahabi’s trying to crush the Popular Uprising ,while the Shia’s Defied the Ban

JNN 10 Mar 2011 : Saudi Wahabi Security forces Used live bullets to disperse the Rally of Hundreds of Shia Protesters demanding the release of the prisoners , which are being imprisoned since the 1996 Bombing of Khobar , the protesters demanded King Abdullah for release of nine “forgotten” detainees suspected of involvement in attacks against a US military installation in Khobar in 1996 without any trial , as a result of firing by the security forces on the Rally , three Youngsters were injured.

According to eyewitnesses, The participants of the of the rally were carrying the flags of Saudi Arabia which was attended by more than 700 young people which were very peaceful, even then the police began shooting heavily towards the demonstrators, to disperse the crowd.

Police faced the protesters and fired percussion bombs, followed by gunfire , while During the shooting at least three demonstrators were wounded.

According to our sources among the injured were Ali Jaafar al-Saffar from the city of Qatif, which was shot in the hand and the young Ali Mohsen Al-Zayed, who was  also shot ,while the identity of the third injured is not known so far.

According to our correspondent One Young Man has been arrested ,while The Injured were taken to the Qatif Central Hospital, for the treatment in the custody of security forces, from where they were transfered to the Military Hospital.

Our Correspondent told that the demonstrators continued to march in spite of casualties and amid intense firing from Wahabi security forces , while the protesters disperse later quietly.

Till the filling of this report , Heavy presence of security forces was observed on the King Abdul Aziz Street , which is the back bone of the City , and is the main access of the city , the security forces are still preventing the access of the cars and passers by ,  while still sporadic gunfire can still be heard now and then.

The city of Qatif have witnessed heavy security since the start of the day and the presence of widespread police patrols and riot police to prevent any protest in the city .

The Wednesday protests came despite a warning last week by state sponsored senior Wahhabi clerics in the kingdom who censured opposition demonstrations as “un-Islamic.”

Demonstrators raised slogans during the march and called unity between Sunnis and Shiites.

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