Bahrain's Citizens Block King's Residence to protest

JNN 14 Mar 2011 : Tens of thousands of people in Bahrain have surrounded the Safriyah Palace to demand an end to the monarchy. Continue reading

10 Shia Martyred in an attack near Hangu , By terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban.

JNN 14 Mar 2011 PESHAWAR : Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan  opened fire on a passenger van carrying Shia families in a lawless northwestern Pakistani town on Sunday, killing at least eight Shia Muslims and wounding seven others, police said. Continue reading

3 Shia Martyred in Karachi , Target Killing out of Pakistani Govt control

JNN 12 Mar 2011 Karachi : 3 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom , in the recent Ongoing Target killing, in which it looks either the Government is helpless in controlling the High Rate of Target Killing due to one or the other reason and have turned a Blind eye towards it or it is a part of it . Continue reading