3 Shia Martyred in Karachi , Target Killing out of Pakistani Govt control

JNN 12 Mar 2011 Karachi : 3 Shia Men embraced Martyrdom , in the recent Ongoing Target killing, in which it looks either the Government is helpless in controlling the High Rate of Target Killing due to one or the other reason and have turned a Blind eye towards it or it is a part of it .

In Broad Day light Target Killers fired on the Namazi’s going to the Mosque to Perform the Zuhrain Prayers , the Main Target was the Pesh Imam of the Masjid e Ali Akber , Sadaat Quaters, Orangi Town, But as Luckily He entered the gate of the Mosque, The target was missed , and instead the second Namazi who was following the Pesh Imam  was Hit by the Bullets fired by the Terrorists of the Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( Ahle Sunat Wal Jamat ) , The Bullets hit Qadir Bux s/o Muabrak Ali , 65 years of Age, Resident of Sadaat Quaters, with which he was critically injured , and after firing Both the terrorist fled away from the scene on their Motorcycle , The injured was rushed to the  Hospital, but he could not scum to his injuries , and was pronounced dead on arrival .

He recieved 3 Bullets , one in the leg , one in abdomen and one in the back of Neck which was fatal and that was the cause of his death. His Namaz e Janaza was performed at Imam Bargah Shah Karbala , Rizvia Society after Maghrabain Prayers , and from there his body was taken by his family members to his Native town of Gotkhi , Sindh for Burial.

Just Before the Namaz Janaza of Martyr Qadir Bux , two more Shia Men were Martyred in Limits of Gulistan e Jauhar , Pehalwan Goth area . Namely  Musawir Hussain Shah s/o Syed Nizam Hussain Shah, 35, and Sikandar Hussain 17, who was returning , after his quran classes from the Madersa .

As per our corrospendents report  Musawir Hussain Shah  was the Elder brother of Mudasir Hussain alias Mudasir chief, Mudasir Chief was arrested by the police last month on the charges of the killing of Awami National Party activists. While it should be Noted that the ANP has been sheltering the Terrorist of the Banned Organisation like SSP , TTP , and Lashkar e Jhangvi , as ANP is a Pashtoon ethenic Party , and the Link of most of the terrorist organisation is with the FATA , which a terrorist Nursery and Plus it is a Pashtoon area, so to claim more Numbers to show their strength in they are giving shelter to these terrorist in Karachi , which are coming from Waziristan or are controlled By there Masters , who have there Head Quarters in Waziristan.

Government have no right to continue , in such era of lawlessness , when the life and Property of the citizens , are at the mercy of the Killers , Murderers , and looters.

The talk of the town is that when the government Knows , and it has been established even that the CIA is funding the Anti State Elements of Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehrik e Talibaan Pakistan , and Sipah e Sahaba, and their allied organisations , so why it is hesitant to take action against them , As they are not only after the Peaceful law abiding Shia Citizens , but as it has also been a Proven fact that they are after every Patriotic Citizen of Pakistan , and working to Dis Integrate and Destablize Pakistan, so where are the Defenders of Pakistan , who have vowed to safe gaurd the territorial, and ideological borders of Pakistan, Now it is the time that they should rectify their Mistakes , which they have committed in the past , by taking part in creating Talibaan , which were created on the doctrine of Hatred , and due to which Pakistan has lost , not only its Pride , but its economy and trust of the World also.

God Bless Pakistan

Long Live Pakistan

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