10 Shia Martyred in an attack near Hangu , By terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban.

JNN 14 Mar 2011 PESHAWAR : Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan  opened fire on a passenger van carrying Shia families in a lawless northwestern Pakistani town on Sunday, killing at least eight Shia Muslims and wounding seven others, police said.

Local police said the assailants opened fire on a passenger van. The six gunmen then fled the scene.

The incident took place in Hangu district, 150 kilometres southwest of Peshawar, the capital of insurgency-hit Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province.

“Militants intercepted a passenger van at Mamoo Khwar village in Hangu district and opened fire, killing eight passengers and wounding seven others,” senior local police official Abdul Rashid told AFP.

The injured were rushed to the Hospital , out which 5 were in critical conditions , out which up till filling of this report 2 More scummed to their wounds , and embraced Martyrdom , while the rest are being treated , and were tried to save the lives of the remaining.

He said, “It seems to be a sectarian incident, as all those killed in the firing were Shia Muslims.”

He said that the Terrorists, who numbered six, fled the scene but police later launched an operation in the area and killed three rebels.

“A search operation has already been launched to arrest the remaining ones,” he said.

Police spokesman Fazal Naeem also confirmed the incident and casualties in Hangu, a town that regularly suffers from sectarian violence and a Taliban-linked insurgency.

Terrorism is rife in Pakistan’s northwest and tribal areas.

Shia Muslims in Pakistan’s Kurram Agency have been facing a humanitarian crisis since November 2007, when Terrorists of Tehrik e Taliban siege the area by cutting off the area from the rest of the country.

Pro-Taliban groups have launched a violent campaign against Shia Muslims, and they have widen their terror campaign in major Pakistani cities. Specially in Karachi where every other day one or two persons are being Martyred By Target Killing them.

Several Shia religious gatherings have been targeted in different parts of the country over the past few months.

As per the International Independent sources The Shia Population sources say make up about 30% of Pakistan’s population of nearly 170 million.

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