Bahrain’s Govt recruiting Mercenaries from Pakistan , to crush Protesting Shia Citizens

JNN 11 Mar 2011 :An Advertisement for submission of applications was recently placed on the website of a prominent Pakistani human resource firm that has close ties to the Pakistani military

The announcement said it was hiring several categories of ex-military personnel, including anti-riot instructors, Drill instructors, retired infantry majors, and military police.

The statement said that a delegation from the Bahrain National Guard would be visiting Pakistan for the purpose of selecting the Pakistani personnel from March 7 to March 14.

A similar advertisement was published in the Daily Jang, Pakistan’s most widely read newspaper, on the first of March[2] , and before that on the 25th of February[3] .

It is difficult to confirm the exact numbers of Pakistani ex-soldiers who have been recruited in response to the recent adverts, but sources claim as many 800 Pakistanis have already been hired in the past few weeks.

Bahrain is now in the fourth week of pro-democracy protests in which seven people were killed by security forces and dozens were injured.

Human rights activists have long complained about the controversial practice of hiring large numbers of foreigners in to the Bahraini security forces to suppress political dissent in the Kingdom[4] .

Bahrain’s police, military and national guard are staffed in large part by non-Bahraini citizens, mostly from Pakistan, Yemen and Syria.

One of the chief complaints of the pro-democracy protesters is that no Shii’ite citizens , who are sons of the soil are allowed to serve in the security forces even though they make up approximately two-thirds of  Bahrain’s Population.

Opposition activists also claim that tens of thousands of expatriates, many associated with the security forces, have been illegally naturalized since 2001 to reduce the proportional size of the Shi’ite majority among Bahraini citizens.

Last week saw clashes between Shi’ite youth and recently naturalized Syrians in Hamad Town.

The current recruitment of hundreds of Pakistani ex-soldiers in the Bahraini security forces is taking place even as the Crown Prince of Bahrain has been urging the political opposition to enter a dialogue to resolve all political disputes.

The above claims can be verified By clicking on the links below :

  1. “Urgent Requirement Manpower for Bahrain National Guard”, posted on website of Overseas Employment Services, Fauji Foundation, Pakistan
  2. Advert placed in Jang Newspaper, Pakistan, March 1, 2011
  3. Advert placed in Jang Newspaper, Pakistan, February 25, 2011
  4. “The Bahraini Authorities Recruit of Mercenaries from Makran Town, Pakistan”, Bahrain Center for Human Rights, June 6, 2009
  5. The abuse of Power of Bahrain can also be verified , by seeing the report Published by the Bahrain’s Human Right , which clearly show that the Brutal force are imprisoning Young Under Age Children even.
  6. Bahrain’s Center for Human Right

Bahrain is recruiting expatriouts to form a Force to brutally suppress the legitimate Protest for Legitimate  rights of the Shia Majority , who are the sons of the soil of Bahrain, and in this regard Pakistani Government should immediately take notice,as for this purpose People are being recruited from Pakistan , which will create  hatred in the hearts of the Shia community of Bahrain and Pakistan , as this force is being created to suppress the legitimate  Protest for the majority shia community  and to Brutally crush them , which will eventually create Hatred between the Muslims of two Brotherly countries and which will also give rise to sectarian clash , which is already been created by the creation of Al Qaeda and Taliban by the US and West to Protect the Interest of the Zionist Regime Israel.

As this is the time for the Establishment of Pakistan to rectify their previous faults , which they have done , in helping the US to create Talibaan , with a doctrine of Hatred , between Muslims of different sects.

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