All India Shia Personal Law Board Express concern over Target Killing

JNN 13 Mar 2011 LUCKNOW, India : All India Shia personal law board has decided to organize its annual session on 13th of March 2011 at sultan –ul- madaris, Lucknow, concerning key issues of the community ,as avowed by Mr. Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar, president of AISPLB, at a Press conference held on 9th march at Press club.

While addressing the press Mr. Athar said that there are several issues related to the community Shia that need to be tackled. “About 50 Million Shia Muslim resides in India but astonishingly, there is no Shia representative in central and state government, neither they hold any post in higher services as well as in boards,” remarked Mr. athar.

Intellectuals and conscientious member of the society will mull over the situation in the annual session which is going to be held on 13th of March.

Mr Athar also talked about the reservation of the community Shia and stated that since independence Shias have been neglected by the government, which has resulted in the degradation of their societal status and now they are considered equal to backward castes. “We will demand reservation of Shias in state and legislative assemblies through nomination,” stated Maulana Athar.

A further subject that requires attention is the mass killing and ordeal done on Shia muslim in Pakistan and Afghanistan. As per Maulana Athar, demands will be made to Indian government to give political asylum to such Shias on the grounds of human rights.

“Importantly we also want the Saudi government to think over the renovation of jannat-ul-baqi, and to treat rightfully Muslims from other parts of world,” said Mr. Athar.

Talking about women empowerment and women issues, Mr. Athar avowed that “we have revised nikahnama and have also considered the phenomenal increment in divorce.”

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