Ale Saud’s Arabia or Islamic Republic of Arabia very soon

JNN 14 Mar 2011 : As the Forces of Ale Saud’s Arabia and Bedouin of UAE , have invaded the streets of Bahrain , the Whole of the Muslim World ,and especially the Shia community see it as the act of war against them . There is sense of anger and Hatred against the tyrant rulers who are trying to Kill their own citizens , as the Snake and other Reptiles like crocodiles eat their young ones to feed themselves.

This act of War against the Unarmed Peaceful Protesters, who want Democracy in the country ,  is worst that can be reported in the History as using weapons and trained armies against the Unarmed Peaceful Protesters.

Gaddafi is not only the Criminal , Ale Saud of Arabia, and Bedouin Sheikh of UAE are also the Hitlers of this era to use force against the Peaceful Unarmed Protesters , who’s wealth has been stolen by these Stooges of the Zionist Regime. And these Wahabi Al Saud , Khalifa family , and Bedouin Shiekh of UAE are the agents of the US & Western Powers,firstly who helped the Zionist regime in Maligning the sancitiy of Islam By funding to create Al Qaeda and Talibaan , which did every possible thing to Deface and Defame Islam , and tormented the Unity among the Muslims, to act on the Planned agenda of the West , which has even been admitted by the Western Media and US Secretary of Hilary Clinton , in her speech to the US Congress , that they not only funded Wahabi Taliban , but also Planed and recruited them to use them for their interests in the region , and who are till now doing every thing  to save their interest in this area.

As Hosni Mubarak looted the wealth of Egypt , and give Security to the existence of Israel, at the cost of Lives of Poor Palestinian People. Gaddafi Killing thousands of civilians , to restore his Rule and Supermacy in Libya , Now the same is being planned to be done in Bahrain , The Champions of Democracy like US , UK and the Western countries are silent spectators , and even the US sponsored UN , is quietly watching the horrific genocide of Muslims in the Arabian countries , as it is in the favour of the US and the Western World .

Saudia Arabia & UAE are the member of GCC since 1981 , as GCC was formed in 1981 , But at the time of Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussain , they never took any action , to confront the Dictator , Not a single soldier of any GCC took part in the Kuwait Iraq war in 1990, because it was planned by US to come and Loot the wealth of Arabia’s and Kuwait’s wealth , and to station his forces in this region.

But as now the revolution in Bahrain , Kuwait , Yemen, Oman and Libya is against the Interest of US and the Western World , so the Ale Saud and Bedouin of UAE are coming forward to safe guard the Interest of their Masters , and their Jobs as the Monarchs of these states , want to eliminate and crush the uprisings , in the Middle Eastern states by the use of Brutal and excessive force.

It is not very long when these tyrant rulers will be wiped out from these countries , and the Holy land of Mecca & Medina , will be Islamic Arabia , rather than the Arabia of Ale Saud. As the blood of Martyr have always paid tribute to the fellows who carry  on the struggle and finally reach Independence from the tyranny of the Cruel Rulers.

It is just how early the People respond to the calls of Martyr, the more time the people take to respond to the calls of Martyr ,quicker the response lesser is the cost , more time more Blood they have to give for the Independence from the Rule of tyrants and Oppressors.

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