Atleast 5 Shia Martyred and Hundreds Injured after Wahabi Saudi Forces opened fire on Protesters in Bahrain

JNN 15 Mar 2011 : Atleast 5 shia Protester have been Martyred and Hundreds Injured after the Wahabi Saudi Forces opened fired on the Unarmed Peaceful Protesters in Bahrain.

Bahrain’s Ruling family Has Imposed the Martial Law in Bahrain for the next3  Month , which is already a Dictatorial Regime. As per Present conditions the State of Emergency is being lifted in the countries like Algeria and yemen to cool off the Revolutionary Movement in the Arab World , The Servants of America The Ale Saud and there Hench Man in GCC are Unleashing the New terror for the Masses, as from Now onwards every thing will be under cover from the Media even and NO Question asked , Under the Supervision of US & Western Allies of these Wahabi Munafiqs Arabs, as there real innner self are now exposed to the World , with the face of their Master for whom they work for.

As the Unarmed Peaceful Protester Just want Democracy in the country , but the EU , US, UN , and these Arab Rulers , with all their all allies are exposed to the world of their HORROFIC faces under the mask of Democracy and Freedom of Speech and Right of Self Determination.

As per the Shia citizens of Bahrain , As they have already said  that they are ready for the Martyrdom , and will continue their Protest until they get their legitimate right and over throw of the Tyrant and Evil Rulers , who have usurped their legitimate rights.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says the presence of foreign forces in Bahrain will further complicate the situation in the Persian Gulf country.

Presence of foreign forces and interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain “are unacceptable and will further complicate the issue,” Mehmanparast said at his weekly press conference on Tuesday.

Mehmanparast called on Western countries to rectify their flawed approach toward democracy and human right, reiterating that the only option left for Western countries was to respect nations’ rights and heed the demands of the majority of people.

If the West decides to intervene in a country’s internal affairs and then establish military bases, this approach will be unacceptable, he noted.

Following the deployment of armed mercenaries from GCC , the sources have confirmed the use of nerve gas, while the Ale Saud’s and it allies Mercenaries are using live Bullets to attack the Protesters , as the Bahraini government has declared Martial law.

The Muslims in General and Shias in special are very much disturbed over the recent developments in the Tiny Persian Gulf State of Bahrain , and if a imacable solution is not taken out immediately ,then the Protest around the world will start against the atrocities being committed in Bahrain, which will may lead to further ouster of some Governments , which are servants of the US and the Western Worlds.

As the Example of Afghanistan is very much alive , As just after the occupation of Afghanistan by  the Soviet forces  , the Map of the World has been changed and the Strategy of every country has been changed since then.

So it is high time that the Rulers in Special and Public in general , start thinking about the choices they have , otherwise there will be no choice after wards.

A medical source told AFP on Tuesday that the victims were shot with buckshot. 

She added that the total number of injured people rises to more than 400 after adding those who were admitted for inhaling tear gas. 

At least five villages have come under attack with soldiers and helicopters using live ammunition against the protesters. 

The violence comes as King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has declared a state of emergency for three months to try to quell the unrest. 

The crackdown on people has been stepped up by a military incursion by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar who dispatched their armed forces to Bahrain. 

More than 1,000 Saudi Arabian troops and a further 500 from the United Arab Emirates have been deployed in the capital city of Manama to support the regime. 

Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Bahrain is a blatant violation of international conventions and the charter of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council.

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