Raymond Davis Pardoned of the Murders of 2 Pakistani, after Blood Money given to hiers , Protest and Riots after Release

JNN 17 Mar 2011 LAHORE: An American CIA contractor who shot and killed two Pakistanis, was released and he mysteriously flew for Afghanistan after families of the two deceased were given blood money and the case was dropped, while his name was there in the ECL.

Chaudhry Mushtaq, superintendent at Kot Lakhpat jail, said Davis left the jail with U.S. consulate officials after the hearing.

Earlier today, he was formally chargesheeted by the trial court on the charges of twin murder in Lahore.

Reports said Davis was airlifted by an especial plane from Lahore airport’s old terminal and flew for Afghanistan. U.S. officials were not available for comment.

Punjab Law Minister said the CIA contractor was released on court orders after paying bloodmoney to heirs of the deceased, as is permitted under Pakistani law.

“Davis is now free to go anywhere. He has been pardoned by deceased’s family”.

Sanaullah said Davis was formally indicted on murder charges before members of the two slain mens’ families were taken into the court, where they signed papers formally forgiving him in exchange for an undisclosed sum of money.

Judges then acquitted him on all charges, he said.

International Media has claimed  Suadi Arabia played a vital role in the release of Raymond Davis , and the in negotiating the deals with the heirs , under the Diyat ( Blood Money ) exceptance by the heir’s of the 3 Murdered Young Men and the wife of the One Murdered , who committed Suicide , after losing hope , in the Justice System of Pakistan. As she wanted Death to Raymond Davis , and was against the Blood Money.

While Saudi embassy on Thursday in a formal statement said that the Saudi government or the embassy play no role in release of Raymond Davis and called all comments as baseless.

However, counsel of the deceased families, Asad Manzoor Butt told ARY NEWS that the kin of two men were forced to accept blood money from US authorities, and that they were being pressurized to sign the monetary compensation documents to pardon the shooter.

He claimed that he was detained for more than five hours in the jail and the family of Faizan, killed by Davis in Lahore, was compelled to sign the document.  Sanaullah denied the claim.

The Lahore High Court had dismissed petitions claiming diplomatic immunity for Davis after the foreign ministry admitted that they have no record of his diplomatic status.

The today’s drop scene shows that the shooter was not enjoying diplomatic immunity as United States had insisted.

The killings and detention of Raymond Allen Davis had strained ties between Pakistan and the United States and added to anti-America sentiment.


A lawyer for the families of deceased says the United States paid $2.34 million in “blood money” to secure the man’s release.

Raja Irshad says 19 relatives appeared in court Wednesday to accept the money.

He says each told the court “they were ready to accept the blood money deal without pressure and would have no objection if the court acquitted Raymond Davis.”

Representatives of the families had previously said they would refuse any money.

Some media reports said the some of the families had been given permission to live in the United States.

A U.S. official has confirmed that Davis was released, but did not comment on whether money was paid as Pakistani officials have said.

The Raymond Davis case sparked protests in Pakistan, with people angrily denouncing the American while few political and religious leaders condemning the mysterious release of CIA contractor who shot and killed two Pakistanis in Lahore.

The US shooter left Pakistani soil after families of the two he killed were given “blood money” and the case was dropped. He then flew for Afghanistan’s Baghram Airbase.

Officials said the CIA man left prison after $2.3 million ‘blood money’ deal, defusing a dispute that had strained ties between Washington and Islamabad.

Not all religious parties, but the Jamat-e-Islami condemned the release, describing it an “issue of entire nation”.

The JI chief, Syed Munawar Hasan blasted the federal government and the Punjab government as well for its alleged role in releasing the CIA contractor. He was of the view that provincial administration was equally responsible in releasing Davis.

“It was planned, and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif was also a part of this conspiracy. Both, Peoples Party and Muslim League are US stooges and on the same page for US slavery”, he criticized.

Hasan claimed heirs of the deceased were missing since last night. And they have probably been pressurized for accepting the money. “All the episode is a result of US pressure”, he said.In his telephone talk with ARY NEWS, the JI chief told that his faction has announced countrywide protest against the move. “This is obviously a setback to our national dignity and sovereignty,” Hasan regretted.

The JI workers staged protest demonstrations in Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and other cities soon after the news grabbed headlines on TV channeSeparately, the chief of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Imran Khan also lashed out at the government and the judiciary as well for today’s drop scene of Davis case – not so unexpected.

The cricketer-turned politician said it was not an individual’s issue to pardon the US national, but he committed ‘crime against the state’ which should not have been pardoned.

Khan suspected the release was pre-planned. “First the US insisted on his immunity, which he was not enjoying, and later, kin of the victims were pressurized to take money”. He said “It was a fixed match between Pakistan and US”.

Khan also announced protest day on Friday.

He warned that the decision to free Davis would fuel anti-American sentiments and terrorism in Pakistani society.

In Lahore, score of PTI workers were injured when police baton charged them during a protest demonstration against Davis’s release. The infuriated activists also surrounded US consulate and attempted to enter the building.

In the wake of unfavorite decision, security has been beefed up at all US consulates in Pakistan.

The case dominated headlines and television shows in Pakistan, with analysts using it to whip up hatred against the already unpopular United States.

Davis, a 36-year-old former Special Forces soldier, was arrested after he shot and killed two armed men he claimed were trying to rob him

A third Pakistani man died when he was hit by a US consulate vehicle rushing to help Davis. Police rejected Davis claim of acting in self-defence and booked him for murder.

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