Hundreds of Tunisians protest Clinton's visit


JNN 17 Mar 2011 : Hundreds of Tunisians have taken to the streets in the capital, Tunis, to protest a visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to their country.

On Wednesday, protesters gathered in Avenue Bourguiba, an epicenter of the Tunisian revolution in mid-January, and chanted anti-American slogans amid tight security presence, Reuters reported.

“No to US meddling in Tunisia’s affairs,” the demonstrators chanted. “Tunisia free, US out.”

“We are against the visit of Hillary Clinton or of any US representative. We have never forgotten US crimes in Iraq,” a protester said.

It was the second demonstration in two days against an imminent visit by Clinton, who was scheduled to arrive in Tunisia later Wednesday, after a visit to Egypt.

Clinton is the first US official to visit the North African country after the overthrow of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali by a popular revolution whose domino effect has shaken the Arab world.

Washington had close ties with Tunisia and supported the authoritarian regime of Ben Ali through his 23-year iron-fist rule. Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia in January following the revolution.

Clinton wrapped up a two-day visit to Egypt on Wednesday.

Despite its unshakable support for autocratic regimes in the Arab world, Washington is trying to distance itself from the toppled governments, in a move widely believed be aimed at disguising itself as a supporter of democracy demanded by the Arab countries’ people.


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