Pakistani’s Protest to show Solidarity with the Bahrain,Yemen , Libyan Revolution

JNN 19 Mar 2011 Karachi :  A Protest was organized By JAP , in the Business District of Karachi at Khoja Masjid , Kharadar after Friday Prayers , to show the support of the Pakistani  people for there Shia Bahraini Bretheren , who are sacrificing their lives , to get their legitimate rights , from the Wahabi Rulers of Bahrain .

As the Pakistani Muslims are very upset about the actions taken by the Dictators of Middle Eastern Countries to suppress the Peaceful Protests of their Citizens and specially the Bahraini Majority , who is being Brutally being crushed , with not only there Government forces ,but the Wahabi forces of the Neighboring Persian Gulf countries, which includes Ale Saud , who is leading in favouring the Zionist designs to crush any Movement , which can destabilize the balance of Power , against the Zionist controlled US, EU and the Western World, which control this region with the help of there imposed Neo Colonial Servants , Some in Military Uniforms , others as the Dictatorial Kings.

The Protest was attended by Hundreds of Shia Men, who were chanting Anti US, Anti Zionist and Anti Saudi Slogans to condemn there brutal crack down on Peaceful and unarmed Shia Portesters  in Bahrain, and other countries , which includes Libya, Yemen , Jordan, Morroco  etc.

The speakers  on the Ocassion , addressing the rally strongly condemned the Saudi and Persian Gulf states invasion of Bahrain, and above all there Illegitimate actions and abduction of Shia Opposition Members Of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia .

In the end the President to Jafria Alliance Pakistan , Allama Abbas Kumaili came very strongly against the Saudi Invasion and the role of Ale Saud in favoring the Zionist in all their actions , whether it is the Release of Raymond Davis or the Kiling of Peaceful Shia Protesters in Saudi Arabia or in Bahrain , And He clearly termed them as Zionist by Race , As He said that actually Ale Saud are Ale Yahood, there were never Muslims and neither  can ever be friends of Muslim Ummah , while they have made the Holy land of Islam and Muslims, as it has to be privilege for every Muslim to feel Proud to call it to be Holy Land of Islam , while the Sons of Yahood , Ale Saud degrade it by claiming it  there Land , and Instead of Islamic Republic of  Arabia, they have made it Saud’s Arabia.

In the end Maulana Hussain Masudi Prayed for the early settlement and success of the Bahraini Shia and all the Revolutions In the Middle Eastern Countries , after which the Protester dispersed Peacefully .

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10 thoughts on “Pakistani’s Protest to show Solidarity with the Bahrain,Yemen , Libyan Revolution

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