US & West Punishing & Crushing Middle Eastern Revolutions

JNN 19 Mar 2011 : US , EU and all the Zionist Influenced forces are now Punishing the Revolutionaries  in the Middle Eastern and African countries ,as Now from the Revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, they have learned a lesson that they have to come out very boldly of their Democratic and Humanitarian Shell ,as if they further Keeps it on they have to loose , even their own countries ruler ship, As their masses are also watching it and can rise anytime.

So Now the US and the West have changed their faces and are all ready to crush these Protest in the Middle East and the North African countries, as can be well judged by the US and West Stance on the conditions of Libyan Carnage By the Libyan forces loyal to Gadafi , which they are creating by bombing there own civilians, and the silence of the Western World on a situation of this scale of Human Catastotrophe  in Libya and Bahrain , they are now punishing the Population of these countries , which have risen to demand there Democratic rights of Self Determination.

There silence is to give a GO Signal to the Killer Gaddafi to Kill as much as he can , as these West and US allies want that he must be able to come back so forcefully that No Revolution should ever take place for another 50 years , as Gaddafi  which is in better connections and relations with them, As they did with Saddam , after his take over of Kuwait , and then these Zionist Powers will also have the power to even come directly in to these countries like , as they have the pretext of the war crimes of these Dictators ,so it will be a double win for them , if these Dictators remain in Power , they ll keep on paying the Price of there Monarchies ,other wise they can even invade these Nations , when they deem it necessary to do it so .

Same is with  in Bahrain , Just after the visit of Robert Gates to Bahrain , the Saudi, UAE ,and Qatari forces have invaded Bahrain , on the Green Signal By there Master US and Zionist Lobby , who just want to crush these Revolutions in such a way that , for another at least 50 years , Nobody should dare to revolt against the Imperialist regimes , Governed by the Western world to enjoy , all the benefits of these countries Natural Resources , which they have Plenty of it , As this is the Cost of Saudi , and Persian Gulf States Monarchies, which these Ale Saud , and its Henchmen  of the GCC are giving to there Western Masters .

In fact, nothing threatens “American interests” in the Middle East more seriously than the eruption of democracy.   Neither the Obama administration, nor the Bush-Cheney crime-spree regime that preceded it, anticipated or desired a democratic popular uprising in Egypt or other “friendly and stable” states.

Without the Egyptian regime enforcing Israel’s blockade of Gaza, the population there would not be kept at the edge of starvation. Without the Yemeni ruler’s connivance, U.S. drone attacks couldn’t be disguised behind the pretext that Yemen’s air force carried them out. Even more, the threat of democracy tears the veil off imperialism’s Middle East strategy, which has always relied on ruling-family potentates (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait) to control “There ” oil supplies and on presidentialist dictators to control impoverished populations.

As this is not the first time it is been done , This revolution was brewing for a long time, for several decades, as many analysts recognized. As a result of the last revolution, which took place at 1950’s in Arab world and overthrew colonial rule of Britain and France, the military officers came to power. The military officers were the first intelligentsia in the 3rd world generally. They often studied in American & European countries  and adopted Western ideas, including revolutionary ones – the ideas of national liberation, Capitalism etc. However, those military officers were far from the masses of indigenous population from the outset, they adopted European prejudices about “progressive role” and “civilizing mission” of “advanced nations” in “culturing” of indigenes.

But in general at that time the military, which came to power in the course of those revolutions and proclaimed “Arab socialism” as their goal, was the progressive force. However, they began to transform into the puppets of USSR and USA already in a short time. The influence of the old lords – Britain and France – also remained in many respects. The overthrowing of the old colonialism didn’t yield the independence to Arab peoples; colonialism was replaced by neocolonialism, i.e. colonialism under the mask of the independence. Imperialist powers could no longer rule over colonies directly, and they began to do this through the new military elite, which was more or less obedient, predictable, although sometimes it could contradict its “lords” and maneuver between USSR, USA etc.

Adding to Middle Eastern antipathy toward the West is the United States government’s unwavering support for dictatorships, oligarchies and monarchies friendly to Western corporate interests, often to the extreme detriment of their own people. Examples include the Shah, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarek, and the House of Saud. Time and again the self-proclaimed standard bearer of human rights has turned a blind eye to flagrant abuses perpetrated by their proxies in the Arab and Persian world.

According to pathologically twisted policy makers and pundits like Daniel Pipes, Charles Krauthammer, and Dick Cheney, Israel is entitled to help itself to as much Palestinian land and water as it wishes and to inflict as much collective punishment on the Palestinians as tickles its fancy. Their rhetoric and policies also support the utterly irrational belief that the United States has the unconditional right to brutally impose its will upon nations throughout the Middle East to achieve its goals of protecting Israel and sustaining the flow of precious oil.

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