Iran urges the Bahraini Diplomat to leave Iran – To Protest over Crackdown on its Citizens

JNN 20 Mar 2011 : Amid the regime’s brutal crackdown on protesters in Bahrain, Iran’s Foreign Ministry says one Bahraini diplomat should leave the country. Continue reading

Revolutionary winds takes thousands of Moroccans along

JNN 20 Mar 2011 :Thousands took to the streets in cities across Morocco on Sunday demanding better civil rights and an end to corruption in the moderate North African country where the king this month promised constitutional reform. Continue reading

Mullah Omar , Osama, Saddam and now Gaddafi paved a way for US & West to Invade Libya

JNN 20 Mar 2011 : What Mullah Omer did to make the way to let the US and West Invade Afghanistan, the same was done by Saddam Hussain , while the History has told in clear words that Both were Agents of US , While they Both abused US and West in Public , and now the same Drama is being repeated By Gaddafi , as He did every Brutality with the Population of Libya, to give a way for the US and west , to Invade and Loot the Third Largest Oil Exporter of Africa. Continue reading