Mullah Omar , Osama, Saddam and now Gaddafi paved a way for US & West to Invade Libya

JNN 20 Mar 2011 : What Mullah Omer did to make the way to let the US and West Invade Afghanistan, the same was done by Saddam Hussain , while the History has told in clear words that Both were Agents of US , While they Both abused US and West in Public , and now the same Drama is being repeated By Gaddafi , as He did every Brutality with the Population of Libya, to give a way for the US and west , to Invade and Loot the Third Largest Oil Exporter of Africa.

The General Public’s Memory is not so short that they must have forgotten , what happened when US and Western forces Invaded Afghanistan , they came to save the Population of Afghanistan from the evil doing of Mullah Omer and Osama Laden , and in the name of security of the common man of Afghanistan they came there with full fire power , destroyed whole of the Afghanistan , With the Presence of About two Hundred thousand ground troops stationed in Afghanistan , and with the best Equipment available in the world for surveillance, and controlling all the satellite Intelligence , which can even see behind the walls , can Not catch Mullah Omer , or Osama Bin Laden , who are supposed to be in Afghanistan , are rather unable  even to  track them , while they kept on giving sermons and all types of messages , these messages by Mullah Omer and Osama Bin Laden ( Tim Osman , the name given by CIA , when he was employed by them )released to the media , looks to be against the US and it allies , but actually they were to support the stay , and to justify  the Invasions , in the eye of the Tax Payer of US and EU , who actually paid the cost of these Invasions , and due to which they have come on the road , and have lost Jobs , economy and anything they use to own.

The same thing happened when they Invaded Iraq in search of WMD ( Weapons of Mass Destruction ) , and with all their  forces , and all the force on the ground they could not even find a single WMD, But Saddam also got trapped , in this time as he thought they ll , even reward him even this time , as they did when he Invaded Kuwait , and even at that time , when they came in to liberate Kuwait , which was even Planned in Washington DC, as now the complete details of which are even available to the International Media , they came with full force and they even caught Saddam , but he was released , as they had some other Plans , which were later released , when they came in search of WMD, and even this time , they did nt faced any resistance from the Saddam’s Iraqi forces and they landed in Iraq with out any strong resistance ,and this time even Saddam thought they he ll be rewarded at the end of the Mission , But  as they knew when he can betray his own people , how can they trust him more than twice and as a result , he was hanged .

As as result of both of these wars and Invasions , the common US and Western countries tax Payer paid a heavy price , but in return the tax payer didn’t get any Profit , but that doesn’t mean that the Powerful men of US and West even didn’t benefitted from these adventures , as it has also been reported that , Whether it is Dick Chenney , or Robert Gates who own there own empires of the corporate World , made Billions of Dollars , As thousand of tons of Unaccounted Oil was exported from Iraq by these corporate Giants , Billions of Dollars were made by the Oil companies , in Afghanistan by the contracts awarded to these Corporate Giants. So as a result Personal  wealth of these Policy makers have multiplied many folds , while the cost is borne by the common tax payer of US and other Western countries whose Elites have taken a Joy Ride of these Invasions and Wars .

For which these So called Muslim Rulers like Mullah Omer and Osama Bin Laden , Saddam Hussain , and now Gaddafi  have paved way to give them a chance to Invade and their countries and Loot its Wealth .

As these Indigenous Revolutions were brewing in the Middle Eastern and the third World countries for ages and as they have busted now , so as per plan B , of the US and West they ll Invade these countries and then finally want to control their National wealth of Oil, Gas  and other  Natural Resources.

As it has also to be taken in account that Libya is a country of tribes ,and the strongest tribe which is in opposition to Gaddafi  is Idris, and the most of the warriors or the revolutionaries who are fighting , with the Gaddafi forces are also from the same tribe, and the moment they enter Tripoli , it will be a Havoc ,as the two daggers drawn tribes of Africa can not live under one roof , and above all this should also be noted that During the formation of Al Qaeda , the mercenaries which came to fight the Holy war were also from the same Ben Ghazi area and surrounding area, and who now are back to their country , but they have not broken their oaths of allegiance with Al Qaeda , and till now every body knows that Al Qaeda is a CIA created Organisation ,which covers its covert  and illegitimate actions all around the world . So now the Picture is coming out very clear that in near future , Al Qaeda  and the tribes of Libya will create a Havoc, and due to which the western  and US forces will be in Libya for some years , till that time the 3rd largest Oil Exporter of Africa will host them , and will pay Billions of Dollars , to the Jobless and dwindling economy of US and EU , so they can take a Joy ride at the times when it is not easy to accomadate all the Marines at home.

If the US, Britain and France are acting out of genuine humanitarian concerns for Libyan civilians, why has there been no discussion of similar action against the government in Bahrain – which last week invited into the country military forces from that great democracy Saudi Arabia to crush pro-democracy protests – or against the regime in Yemen, where 45 anti-government protesters were killed on Thursday?

And it is not the end now they have even asked there Planted Monarchs of the Middle East to Invade the Tiny Bahrain , as there they don’t want to go themselves as they knew , there it will be difficult to plant their CIA ‘s wing Al Qaeda ,as the Majority in Bahrain is Shia Population upto 80% ,so there they want to have that revolution crushed by there Planted stooges , Ale Saud  and Khalifa’s of Persian Gulf countries. As they are already working for them and they are not willing to enter these countries directly . Atleast for now, as it is not such a big country which can pay off their bills , which are not in Millions but in Billions of Dollars.

As crushing the Revolutions and to mold the revolutions and the force of the People in there favor has started , as they dont want to loose the game of Power so soon and so easily , whether the have lost on the Economic front or on the War front , but they are there to safe gaurd the Interests of Israel , and to benefit themselves also if they can . But keeping their forces in Middle East and Africa and Didnt letting the Muslim World United they can create a World which is the Most favourable for the Zionist lobby.

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