Religious Parties Banned in Egypt

JNN 24 Mar 2011 : Egypt’s ruling junta has approved a constitutional amendment which prevents the establishment of political parties based on religion and discrimination between citizens on grounds of origin, language or gender. Continue reading

Days of Peaceful Protest are over Now Encounter the Aggressors -Ayatollah Sh.Essa Qasim

JNN 24 Mar 2011 Manama : People of Bahrain have been given decree By the religious & Spritual leaders of Najaf and even from the Religious Leader of Bahraini Marja e Taqleed Ayatullah Sheikh Essa Qasim in response to the Foreign Invasion of Saudi and GCC forces on Bahrain, which states that now the time for Peaceful struggle has ended Continue reading

Saudi King Partnership with Zionist Giants to Buy Facebook to save his Monarchy

JNN 24 Mar 2011 : The existing social networks on the internet can no longer be reliable platforms for organizing anti-government uprisings, because zionist corporate cartels are beginning to own them, a political analyst says. Continue reading