Days of Peaceful Protest are over Now Encounter the Aggressors -Ayatollah Sh.Essa Qasim

JNN 24 Mar 2011 Manama : People of Bahrain have been given decree By the religious & Spritual leaders of Najaf and even from the Religious Leader of Bahraini Marja e Taqleed Ayatullah Sheikh Essa Qasim in response to the Foreign Invasion of Saudi and GCC forces on Bahrain, which states that now the time for Peaceful struggle has ended and now for the national Integrity and for its sovereignty, and for the safety of life and property of the Bahraini people, the time has come that we should by taking advantages of all the available resources we will  protect and defend .

It should be also be noted that under the Previous Religious jurisprudence Rules, In conditions of external aggression and Invasion of any country it is compulsory for every Man and Women to defend him/herself, while Jihad has to be fought on borders which is not for Women , Elders and Children, But defense is compulsory for everybody. And this is what the Population of Bahrain is doing right now.

A senior Iranian cleric on Friday urged Bahrain’s majority Shiites to keep up their protests — until death or victory — against the Sunni monarchy in the tiny island kingdom.

And though there are no apparent links between Bahrain’s Shiite opposition and Iran’s predominantly Shiite nation, the Persian Gulf leaders are concerned that political gains by Bahrain’s Shiites could give Iran a stepping stone to its archrival Saudi Arabia.

Iran has denounced the deployment of a Saudi-led force from Sunni Arab allies this week to prop up the Sunni monarchy in Bahrain.

In Tehran, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati spoke to worshippers after Friday prayers and called on “brothers and sisters” in Bahrain to “resist against the enemy until you die or win.”

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati,  asked all Muslims to help the Bahraini Shiites “restore rights” and also accused the United States of being an “accomplice in all crimes.”

After prayers, thousands of Iranians rallied against the crackdown in Bahraini, chanting against leaders of Bahrain and Saudi.


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