20 Shia Tribesmen Released after Negotiation with Taliban

JNN 25 Mar 2011 : At least 20 Shia tribesmen abducted from northwestern Pakistan have been released following talks between a local peace committee and pro-Taliban militants.

Earlier The Taliban Terrorists kidnapped 24 persons from lower Kurram Agency on Tuesday, tribal sources said.

The sources said that the militants intercepted a vehicle coming towards Peshawar at Pararo area and whisked away its four occupants including the driver. The kidnapped persons included a student Alamdar Hussain son of Ali Hussain, the sources said.

In another incident, the militants picked up 20 persons from the weekly cattle fair in Talo Ganj in Bagan area. Those kidnapped belonged to the Kochi and Ghalji tribes, the residents said. Local residents expressed concern over the increasing activities of the militants in Kurram Agency.

Meanwhile, four of the Shia remain in the custody of Taliban till the filing of this report

According to Pakistani army officials, the militants have shifted their operations from Waziristan and the Orakzai Agency to the Kurram Agency.

The Taliban have expanded their control over Kurram, military sources say, adding that the militants have reportedly used the area as a training ground for their forces and set up several bases in the agency.

Attacks byTaliban militants against Shia Muslims in the aread have climbed in recent months leading to higher casualties among the followers of the faith.They said the subversive activities of the militants would sabotage the nascent peace agreement. A peace agreement was reached between the elders of the Sunni and Shia sects on February 3 and the Thall-Parachinar Road was reopened after more than three years of closure.

The agreement was based on the previous Murree peace accord between elders of the two sects.

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