Suadi & Bahraini Wahabi forces Torturing Shia Citizens to Death

JNN 25 Mar 2011 : Occupying Saudi and Bahraini Forces are committing the worst crimes that can be recorded in the world by torturing the Innocent and Peaceful Shia citizens of Bahrain.

The Saudi forces on their raid on Sulemaniya Hospital to hinder even the Basic Human Rights of Medical Treatment to the Protester ,who were getting injured by the aggression of Bahraini forces , which was the only Hospital near the Pearl Square , where the victims of the crack down were brought for Medical Treatment , while even that was not acceptable for the Inhuman Bahraini and the Invading Saudi and GCC force so they raided the Hospital and abducted the Medical Staff and the victims of Crackdown , who were being brought for treatment .

Among those abducted whose where abouts were not even told to their families and friends long after their abduction, was Abdul al Rasul Hassan Ali al Hujairi , who was working there as a Male Nurse, and was a very well know Qari of the Manama City , was also abducted and after couple of days of his disappearace his body was handed over to his family members .

The Body of the Martyr bears the signs of  of most brutal torture , the pictures of which are also added to this report , so the world should also know the atrocities of the Ale Saud and there Henchmen of the GCC Rules , and it should be brought to the knowledge of the world , that they are the real agents of Yahood , Zionists and are committing the same crimes , which the zionist and there agents has been doing since long .

The Martyr Abdul al Rasul Hassan Ali al Hujairi , was first subject to the most brutal torture ,and then he was shot  , and that was not all , as after wards his body was being driven over by different vehicles .He was Martyred on 20th March.

Al Hujairi who was working as a nurse in Salmaniya hospital was abducted by Saudi forces on Saturday to unknown place. He was severely tortured then shot martyred. After his martyrdom, savage occupiers drove cars over his body.

Abdul al Rasul was a 38 years old , and has left behind a Widow and with 3 sons  and a daughter while he was the resident of Buri region.

It should be noted that he was a very well know Qari , and was not involved in any illegal activity , the only crime he ever committed according to the Wahabi Saudi and Bahraini forces was that he was a follower and firm Believer of Ahlul bait , and for the love of those Personalities he even laid down his life , for which he will definitely be rewarded at the Day of Judgement , when the Munafiqeen will be punished for the Irrevocable crimes they have committed .

Thousand of Bahraini people participated in his funeral procession , while his burial was done at Buri Cemetery .

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